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How to open Monese account without phone number

Open Monese account

How to open Monese account without phone number?  How to buy sms-codes for create accounts on Monese, Telegram, What’s up and other services? What is virtual numbers? How much cost phone number sms? In this article we will figure out it all.

What is virtual phone number?

Virtual numbers are real physical SIM cards, just like the ones you have in your phone, only they can be used online on the internet, for example to receive text messages on them. This is useful when you want to register a second account on tiktok, instagram and other services. Or you have lost access to your main account and want to register a new account, but there is no free phone number. There may be many reasons why you need a number to receive text messages. This is why there are sms services, which have a large list of numbers from different countries for receiving sms.

How much cost phone number for sms?

The price of the numbers depends on the availability of these SIM cards. For example, getting a SIM card from North Korea will be quite problematic, so the price will be significantly more expensive than in other countries. The average price for a text message is $0.25, which is pretty cheap. You can view all the prices on our website and choose the cheapest one if you don’t care about the country of the number. Our prices are as low as they can be.

How to open Monese account without phone number?

  1. Go to our site, create account, confirm email, top up balance
  2. Choose country you need (If you don’t see needable country – press Show All Countries)
  3. Choose service Monese (Show All Services, If you can’t find this service in full list – choose Any Other service)
  4. You will get virtual phone number for registration on Monese, go to Monese, open account with this number.
  5. When the service asks you for an sms code to confirm your registration, go back to and click get sms (The SMS may come with a delay, don’t worry, just wait 1-2 minutes if the SMS doesn’t come straight away, then try again.)
  6. When the text comes you will see a code underneath the phone number. Also, the money for this sms will only be deducted when the sms is received successfully. Please be careful when entering your phone number when registering.
  7. Done!

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