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How to earn VK without investments?

How to earn VK without investments?

What for do you usually use the social network Vkontakte? You probably use it like all the rest – to communicate with friends, to look through funny pictures in the timeline, to listen to music, and to fill in time when standing in lines or during long trips.

But you can also earn VK! You will not even need to make any investments – only your knowledge and some time.

How to earn VK with the help of a group?

How to earn VK with the help of a group?

In practice, this is the easiest method to earn VK as anyone can cope with creating a public page. One does not need any special education for that. However, there is one nuance – if you want to make such a page popular, you will need to monitor trends in the entertaining sphere. And the perfect situation is when you can even predict them.

At the same time trends are continuously changing. So, just a couple of years ago, Internet users were obsessed with retro wave – videos and audios inspired by nostalgia for the 80s. Then, a bit later, its place was taken by vaporwave, which didn’t manage to take hold on the Web – so let’s skip it. Then, there was a period of the esthetics of commuter belts and Khrushchev-era apartment blocks. And, as of now, there is a good chance that, in the nearest future, all the popularity will go to cyberpunk – if CD Project Red manages to finish and present the game.

A working day of an administrator of a public page is not so hard. In the morning, he just needs to upload images/facts/other content found on Telegram, Reddit, 9GAG, Pikabu, and other similar platforms for scheduled posting, and then he can freely go about his business.

How to easily earn VK

Such a public page can help you earn VK from about $50 to $5000 and more. Your income will depend on its popularity and demand among advertising clients. And, more to the point, you will not even have to negotiate with them yourself – you can just join the advertising network Vkontakte, and everything will work automatically.

Also, you should take into account that many administrators run several publics simultaneously. And that’s an advantageous strategy – the more pages you manage, the bigger audience you can cover. And the wider audience you have – the more money advertisements can bring. Certainly, at some point, that can become a full-time job with 40 working hours per week – but, at the same time, administering public pages will give you much more joy than just sitting at the office. And it will bring you more money as well.

Earn VK with the help of your hobby

How to earn VK with the help of your hobby?

Let us suppose that you have some kind of a hobby – you can draw beautifully, write involving texts, edit photos by removing cheating boyfriends, or embroider flowers on napkins. In fact, you can monetize that.

If you decide to earn VK using this method, you will obviously need a public page for a start. You will need it to tell other users about your skills and to promote the results of your creative work. You should link “Shop” to your public page and put your goods there – for example, “Photo editing”, “Embroidering on napkins” or “Cake for your birthday”. Then start advertising your services and get your first orders.

How to earn VK by distributing referral links?

How to earn VK by distributing referral links?

Yes, sure, that is spam. But, in many cases, you do not even need to compromise with your conscience to earn VK in such a way– you can just tell other users about goods and services you like. For example, users very often get links from their personal cabinets on AliExpress.

Then, everything is simple enough. Let us suppose you have received some kind of a good. You will need to publish a post about how much you like it and add a referral link “You can order it here”. And if one of your friends buys it, you will get some money to your balance.

How to effectively earn VK?

How to effectively earn VK?

Also, if you have made a decision to earn VK, you should keep in mind that, from now on, it is your job. And, to work productively, you need to divide your professional life from a personal one. If you invite your friends to your office, they will distract you all the time.

That is why you had better create a separate account for business purposes. And it is advisable to make sure that it is not linked to your personal data. There is no need to use your real name and photo for it.

Certainly, to register your new account, you will need a new phone number. And, on our website, you can buy a virtual number for registering on Vkontakte for $0,09. It will be a clean number that has not been spotted anywhere. You will easily open a fully-featured VK page with it. And you will be able to use it to earn VK in any way you want without being distracted from your work. You can read more details about how to make a second profile in our article “How to create a fake VK account without a phone number?“.

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