How simply to register a fake OK account in in a few steps?
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How to create a fake OK account?

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A user may need a fake OK page for different reasons. You can use it to publish advertisements, to send out newsletters, to troll your friends or acquaintances, to preserve anonymity, or just to log in to the social network when you do not have access to your basic account.

But how to make a fake OK profile if you must obligatory specify a mobile number to receive an SMS with a verification code?

Sure, you can always go to a mobile phone outlet and buy a new SIM card, but that is not the cheapest variant. Another option is to buy a ready fake OK account, but, again, that will cost you from $0,65-1,30 on average.

Registration of a fake OK account without a phone number

If you are interested in how to create a fake OK page at a very cheap price, the optimal option for you is to pass registration and verification with the help of a service for SMS activation.

For example, the Sms-man company offers to buy a virtual number for registration of a fake OK account from $0,08 only. We have mobile operators from Russia, Ukraine, China, Armenia, and other countries. Similar to an ordinary SIM card, such a temporary number can be used to receive an SMS with a verification code and to make a fully-featured fake OK profile.

Why should you create a fake OK account via Sms-man?

  1. The entire procedure takes no more than 2 minutes.
  2. You can choose a country of a mobile operator.
  3. Our service supports payments in dollars, rubles, and cryptocurrency.
  4. The cheapest price for a fully-featured profile.
  5. You receive a clean account without any negative history.

How to register a fake OK account (step-by-step instructions)

  1. Open the website and complete a quick registration.

Registration at

2. Deposit your balance in dollars, rubles, or cryptocurrency so that you can buy a number.

Payments at

3. On the home page, find “Odnoklassniki”. Then, click on “Buy”.

Find odnoklassniki at

4. To see the number you purchased, go to “Profile” – “Request History”.

See a virtual number for a fake OK account

5. Fill in the registration form on Odnoklassniki.

Odnoklassniki registration form

6. The service will request your phone number and send you an SMS with a code.

Verify your fake OK account

7. To receive this message, return to “Request History”. Click on the button “Get SMS” next to the number you want to link to your new fake OK account.

Receive a verification code for your fake OK account

8. Copy the code and paste it into the form on the social network. That’s all. Now you can freely use your fake OK profile.

Your fake OK account is activated

So, you have managed to create a fake OK page for $0,08. And it took you just a few minutes to cope with everything.
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