How to register a fake Vkontakte profile?
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How to create a fake VK account without a phone number?

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Users may need fake Vkontakte accounts for different purposes. Everyone knows that this social network is an excellent tool for advertising goods and services. So, fake VK profiles are often used for sending out ads.

Also, it is popular to use such pages to inflate statistics about subscribers, likes, views, and so on. More to the point, some users just do not want to disclose their real personal data on the Web and decide to protect their privacy in such a way.

But there is a serious problem with creating multiple pages on this platform: to register, you need to confirm your mobile number by entering an activation code, which is sent to it. Then, how can you create a fake Vkontakte profile if your phone number is already linked to your basic account on this source? Buying a new SIM card for that is too expensive, especially if you need more than one new page.

How to make a VK fake account with a couple of clicks?

On the Sms-man service, you can buy a virtual number for Vkontakte for $0,09 only. It is provided for temporary use, but it is enough for successful registration on the social network. There are numbers linked to mobile operators from the USA, Russia, China, Turkey, and many other countries.

The key advantage of such a fake phone number for VK is its low price. It is significantly cheaper than an ordinary SIM card. You can register 10 fake Vkontakte pages for $0,9 only.

To use our services, you will not be required to confirm your identity, as a result, your new profile on this social network will be absolutely anonymous. The procedure itself is very simple and takes several minutes as a maximum. So, let us discuss in detail how to use our source.

How to register a fake Vkontakte account with the help of a virtual number?

  1. Open and press the button “Sign up” in the top right corner.

2. You will be directed to the registration form. Fill all the lines.

smsman register

3. Deposit your account so that you can buy a fake phone number for VK.

4. Go to the main page and type “vk” in the search line. Press “Buy”.


5. That’s it. A new virtual number is linked to your account. To see it and copy it, go to “Profile” – “Request History”.

6. Go to the website and fill in the registration form. You will be required to share the basic data: your name, surname, and date of birth. Choose the correct gender. Press “Continue registration”.

Create Vkontakte account

7. Then you will be asked to verify your phone number – enter a virtual one. Press “Get code”.

Create Vkontakte account

8. You can receive the code right at – on the page “Request History”. Click on “Get SMS” next to the corresponding number.

9. The code will appear in a second. Copy it and paste it in the form on Vkontakte.

It’s done. Your fake Vkontakte profile is ready for use. Now you know how to pass SMS verification on this social network for $0,09 only. Using our website, you can create an unlimited number of pages. But be sure to buy a new virtual number for each registration. In addition, you can also get a free virtual number in their telegram channel.


How to create a fake VK account without a phone number?
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How to create a fake VK account without a phone number?
Do not know how to make a fake Vkontakte account as you do not have any additional SIM cards? Sms-man offers to create a fake VK profile with the help of a virtual number from $0,09.
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