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How to delete Venmo account?

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Are you no longer interested in doing business with Venmo? Don’t you want to worry about account security or just want to create a new one? If so, consider deleting your account so no one can access your financial data. It’s easy to delete a Venmo account and we’ll show you how in this article.

Venmo: maybe you want to stay?

Venmo is a popular American payment application that belongs to Paypal. It allows users to easily send and receive instant money transfers.

The service was originally created for easy refunds between friends and colleagues for coffee, dinner, parties, ticket purchases, and other small things. You can bill any of your friends who also uses this payment system.

It is stunningly popular in the USA today, with a total of $62 billion of transfers made via the app so far this year. But there are some Americans who are quite skeptical of Venmo, they believe that it makes people petty.

For example, you don’t have any cash with you and your friend buys you a hamburger. An hour later, you get an in-app bill from him down to the penny. Yeah, that may seem to be strange or even rude a bit.

To get a profile in this payment system, you need an American phone number. It offers registration via Facebook as well, but after you confirm your personal data transmission, the system will request you to enter your mobile number anyway. So, if you do not have a US number or do not want to disclose your contact information, it will be quite difficult for you to create an account and use it.

Learn about it before you close your Venmo account

Before you delete your Venmo account, download copies of all your transactions for your records. You won’t be able to access this information once your account is deleted.
Second, transfer all available funds from your Venmo account to your bank account. If you don’t, you’ll have to contact Venmo to get your money back.
Finally, know that Venmo will delete all business profiles associated with your account when you delete your account. If you only want to delete your business profile and not your personal profile, contact Venmo.

How to delete your Venmo account

To delete your account you will need to go to the Venmo website as there is no option to delete your account on the mobile app.
First, open a web browser on your device and launch the website. Log in to your account on the site.
In the sidebar on the left, select “Settings”

main menu of Venmo

On the advanced settings menu, tap “Profile”

all settings of profile

On the profile page at the bottom, click “Close my Venmo account

your profile settings

You will see a prompt “Close my Venmo Accountclose or delete Venmo account

This will open the close your account page. On this page, if you have not already done so, upload your account statement by clicking upload CSV.

Next button

Then click the “Next” button.

delete Venmo account

The last message asks if you really want to close your account. Click the “Close Account” button to continue.
Warning: make sure you really want to close your account before you click the button, as there will be no further requests.
And that’s it. Your Venmo account is now deleted.

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