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How to Create an Account in Bigo Live App without a Phone Number

Bigo live registration

Bigo live is a mobile app designed to provide broadcasting services to users. People can stream games and surroundings using their phones. The process is simple and comfortable but requires a functioning mobile device. The entire service is centered on the mobile experience, making it unique compared to similar applications. The streams are broadcast by users for users, the most popular form of entertainment being mobile games. Hence, the most comfortable way to access Bigo is through your smartphone, although a Web version also exists.

Bigo Live Pros and Cons

Bigo Live enjoys 400 million active users, for good reason. The app offers a comfortable, well-rounded viewing experience for visitors and nuanced, simple broadcasting capabilities for streamers. Compared to Twitch, Vimeo, or Periscope, the Bigo Live app has a complete focus on mobile streaming. This brings several advantages and disadvantages.


  • Simple navigation. Finding a worthy stream from the vast catalog of live users is effortless thanks to the concise layout and lack of unnecessary features;
  • Focus on mobile. Streaming and viewing experiences are adjusted to suit mobile users excellently;
  • Free. Registering, viewing and other aspects of the Bigo Live app user experience are all free of charge;
  • Content diversity. Bigo Live doesn’t restrict users to games, anything on the phone can be streamed;
  • Monetization. Mobile streaming seems an inferior alternative to regular streaming, but it’s possible to make good money by starting a stream and being an entertaining host.


  • Web version. It’s possible to use Bigo on PC through the Web version. Its functionality is limited, and the experience is subpar. Understanding how to use Bigo Live on mobile is much easier.
  • Lax moderation. Bigo streamers have fewer restrictions than Twitch colleagues, creating a more adult-oriented experience.


Overall, the pros outweigh the cons by a large margin. It’s unsurprising; the app is excellent at its job – providing mobile streaming entertainment. People interested in absorbing such entertainment might consider downloading the app from Google Play or App Store. Using the Bigo Live app requires registration.

The procedure isn’t strenuous, but a phone number is needed for full completion. It’s a mandatory step, enjoying Bigo is impossible otherwise. Many clients detest this practice, seeking any method to avoid giving their private phone numbers to big companies.

bigo live app

Why does Bigo Live ask for a phone number when you register

A phone number is a core element of the Bigo Live registration process. In fact, it’s the first thing you do, followed by the verification code received on the said phone and the password creation. After that, you can start enjoying the app. It’s simple, but that first step is considered an invasion of privacy by many.

The reason why the Bigo Live app asks for phone number info is the verification process. Most mobile apps follow this procedure; it’s considered a standard, an easy way to identify a person and deter fake accounts. Problematically, sharing sensitive data with mobile apps puts it at their complete disposal.

Bigo isn’t known for selling user data to third parties, but knowing definitely is impossible. Sharing phone data with the wrong company once puts it in constant circulation among marketers, data hunters, and scammers. Specific clients understandably won’t take such a risk.

How to create Bigo account without a Phone Number

Getting a Bigo Live login completely without a phone number is impossible. It is an option to use virtual phone number for verification. It’s necessary to continue logging into the app later, meaning you need to own the number you use.

SMS-Man offers exactly such a service. Customers can rent a virtual phone number to receive SMS from different sites, aplication, social networks etc.

virtual number for bigo live

Here are the step-by-step guidelines:

  1. Set up an SMS-man account by entering your email and password. You can also use a quick sign up using your social media accounts;
  2. From the side menu, find the “Top up my balance” tab and make a deposit of the required amount;
  3. On the main page, select a country and service “Bigo live” from the list;
  4. Then click “purchase” to add the virtual number to your personal account;
  5. Use this phone number when registering in the app and wait for the confirmation code to be sent.
  6. Then go back to your personal account on the SMS-man website and click on the “Receive SMS” button
  7. Enter the code you received into the special Bigo app form to complete the registration process

It’s a safe, simple way to get a Bigo account. This way your personal data will be safe and you will be able to use your favourite app without any risks. Also, using this method you can create an account for any streaming platform such as Twitch, Discord, Yalla and others.

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