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How to activate Twitch without phone number.

How to activate Twitch without phone number

A little bit about Twitch

Twitch is one of the first and largest web resources that specialize in broadcasts of computer games. From single-player games to broadcasts of various tournaments. This website allows some people to show their gaming prowess and other people to watch the games. Moreover, it is possible to show the gaming skills in real time, as well as already recorded video. Ban on Twitch is a measure applied to those who violate the rules of conduct in the chat. For this reason, many users want to get another account on this platform. In this article, we will tell you how to create a virtual number and register on Twitch with this number.


There are several reasons why a user might need a second account on Twitch.

  1. For instance, account is blocking. A user can be blocked for violating any of Twitch’s rules.
  2. Preservation of anonymity. People want to stay protected on the internet.
  3. Putting different content on accounts. Sometimes users need multiple accounts on the platform.

Recently, the purchase of virtual numbers is a very popular service. Such numbers are used for registrations in social networks, trading platforms, messengers.

Create a Twitch login without phone

Virtual phone number solve all these requests! You can get it, for instance, on sms-man. Let’s see how it works.Create an additional account on any service is very easy. To do this you need to use the service site

  1. Above all, сomplete the registration on the website
  2. Then you top up the balance. There are different ways of payment, choose the most suitable for you.Payment methods on
  3. On the main page, choose the country and twitch
  4. Press “Buy” button, the phone number will be displayed on the site.zjFAqMPyJE
  5. Enter the phone number on Twitch, then go to the main page of the site and click on “Get Code”.
  6. The activation code will appear next to the virtual number. Copy the code and paste it into the registration field. In case verification code was sent and received it will be revealed shortly on the same page. Use it to sign up on Twitch and get into new account. You can use the instruction from above to create accounts on other similar platforms. Аs the process doesn’t differ at all.

You can also buy numbers through our bot on Telegram.
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