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How to create a new Discord account without phone

new Discord account

Having the option to contact friends at any time of the day is essential these days. Internet users have a lot of online services to choose from. However, when it comes to such a sphere as gaming, there is no better platform than Discord. It is used by millions of people from all over the world due to its convenience and great functionality. But sometimes signing up for this online service might become a real issue. Because of its automatic security system, some people can be forced to complete verification by SMS. Don’t have a mobile phone on hand and cannot do this with your own phone number? Here is how anyone can sign up for a new Discord account without a phone.

Create new Discord profile on PC

Discord is a pretty old online service. So nowadays it is possible to use it through not only a mobile app but also computer software and even a web browser. Some platforms in that case allow only signing in. But this one also provides the opportunity to register a new Discord account. There is just one thing to remember about. When signing up for Discord on a laptop or PC, it will be mandatory to go through mobile number verification. How to do this using no personal phone number? Just perform it with a fake phone number. There are a lot of services for this purpose on the web.

Where to get a fake phone number?

SMS-Man is one of the platforms providing such a feature. You don’t have to visit any local cell phone or other stores to get a fake number. Everything that a user is required to have is web browser software along with an internet connection. The same things are enough to create the first or second Discord account on PC so the whole process is pretty simple and convenient. Here is what it takes to acquire a fake phone number with our service:

1. Sign up for

2. Open the payment tab from the main page of the platform.

3. Replenish balance using the appropriate method.

4. Proceed to the homepage of the website and choose fake number country along with Discord.

5. Click on the purchase button.

As a result, at top of the page will appear a fake phone number with selected parameters. There is no need to configure it. You can use this number right away to create an account on Discord without a phone. Below will be explained in detail how to do this.

How to create new Discord account with a fake number?

There is not much left to do after a fake phone number is obtained. You just need to:

1. Start the account registration process on Discord.

2. Put the fake number on the verification form.

3. Press “Get SMS” at SMS-Man.

4. Copy revealed verification text message containing few digits.

5. Use it to create a profile.

This is it. Fake numbers are the best solution when it comes to registering a new Discord account using no phone. They are easy and fast to use. But, most importantly, fake phone numbers don’t cost much and are available from anywhere in the world with an internet connection only.

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