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Wolt food delivery: sign up without phone number

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The world-famous food delivery service from restaurants and eateries Wolt appeared on the Russian market quite recently. It helps you find and order the best food in your city. Thanks to the convenient service, the application immediately became popular among the Russian-speaking population. Also it is famous all over the world. You can download it to iOS or Android.

Making an order on Wolt is very simple: select a restaurant on the map, place an order, select delivery and click send. A juicy cheeseburger or a fresh salad or any other dish from the menu will be delivered within 30 minutes. For the high quality and efficiency of the services provided, the service was awarded a special award from Apple.

To use the Wolt food delivery service, you will need to enter your mobile phone during registration. Many users are distrustful of entering personal data into various Internet services. Others have long since abandoned the use of mobile communications. It becomes problematic for both of them to sign up in the service application.

This problem is easily solved with the use of virtual numbers. They make it possible to sign up on any popular platform for just a few rubles without using your own phone number. Let’s find out where it is better to buy a virtual number for registration in Wolt.

Where can I buy a virtual number for Wolt?

The service for the delivery of food from Wolt restaurants appeared not so long ago. It is quite difficult to find a site that provides virtual numbers for registration. One of these few resources is sms-man.com. Here you can buy a virtual number for registration in popular delivery services.

The main advantage of sms-man is the low price for buying a number compared to other similar resources. It will cost only $0.27 to buy a virtual number for registration in the Wolt application. Other advantages include a large list of countries to which mobile operators are linked, as well as an online support service.

How to get a virtual number for Wolt:

  1. Download and install the app with Wolt from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Fill in the registration data before entering the mobile phone number.
  3. Minimize the application for a while and go to the site sms-man.com quick registration.
  4. Top up your balance in rubles, dollars or cryptocurrency.
  5. On the main page, enter “Wolt” in the search bar.
  6. Select the Wolt service from the appeared list.
  7. Select one of the phone numbers by clicking on the “Buy” button. It will automatically appear in your personal account.
  8. Copy the purchased number and paste it into the Wolt application.
  9. Log in to your personal account on sms-man and click “Get SMS” next to the number.
  10. Copy the code and paste it into the Wolt application.

We successfully signed up in Wolt on our smartphone. Now it is possible to order your favorite and delicious food!

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