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Wolt account: sign up without phone number

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The rhythm of modern life is becoming more and more dynamic, so there is not much time and desire for cooking. For lovers of delicious and gourmet cuisine, special food delivery services come to the rescue. With their help, food can be ordered from your favorite restaurant and delivered to the table still hot. One of the advanced services is Wolt food delivery. Founded in Finland just 6 years ago, it has managed to prove itself as a reliable and fast performer of orders in many European countries. So today I will tell you how to create a wolt account.

Advantages and characteristics of the service “Wolt food delivery”

Additionally the wolt app provides the ability to order food from any restaurant or cafe in your city. Accordingly food can be ordered from European and Japanese restaurants, from fast food establishments. Compared to other similar services, wolt account has such advantages:

  • At first food can be delivered from any restaurant.
  • Secondly prompt delivery anywhere in the city.
  • Polite attentive couriers wolt.
  • Cash delivery.
  • Ability to pay online.
  • Free delivery with bonuses and coupons.
  • Wolt app, which can be downloaded to your phone for free.

The service has developed a mobile app for customer convenience.  Basically you can download wolt app on your phone from the web stores APP store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. By installing the app, you will be able to quickly and easily find the desired dish in any institution. The food will be delivered to your table in the shortest possible time.

Creating an account in “Wolt food delivery”

  • After installing the Wolt app, a simple registration with create wolt account will be required. Registration is also needed to order through the Wolt website. The system offers create wolt account in three ways:
  1. via email;
  2. Through Facebook accounts;
  3. Through an Apple account.
  • The next step in registering Volt is to provide personal information and a phone number to which the wolt code should arrive. By creating a personal account, the customer receives a number of benefits on the first order:
  1. bonuses in the form of virtual money to pay for the order fulfilled by the Bolt courier;
  2. food delivery for free in the presence of coupons (tokens).
  • You can use these benefits only once. To use Bolt’s first order bonuses again, you can create a new account. But its registration will require specifying a phone number that has not been used before. In this case, you can use a virtual number.

Virtual number to register wolt account

Phone service sms-man offers a virtual phone number for wolt, which you can buy on the website of the service. You will receive a wolt code on the virtual number so your registration wolt account on the website or in the Wolt app can be confirmed.

To use this service, follow a few simple steps.

  • Go to sms-man site, register and create a personal account.
  • Top up your balance to buy a virtual number.
  • Choose a virtual number.
  • From presented in directory of companies choose “Wolt food delivery”.
  • Begin account creation process.

In this simple way you can quickly register several accounts. Then in Wolt food delivery for you will be not only fast, but also free. The food will be delivered on time anywhere in the city.

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