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How to buy a virtual Spanish mobile number and use it for anonymous registration on any website?

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Do you want to know how to pass SMS verification on any online service without disclosing your real mobile number? Get a disposable mobile number for that.

How does that work? On Sms-man, you can get a fake number linked to a mobile operator from any country (more than 200 variants available), including Spain. After you buy such a disposable number, you can enter it in the registration form on any source and, then, receive a message with a verification code to it. This code will be displayed in your cabinet on our website. Afterward, the number will be blocked so that no one can use it to get access to your account on the source selected. Your security is our top priority.

Why there is a need in Spanish phone number?

Why is it better than using an extra SIM card? To start with, you can buy a Spanish virtual number from $0,11. You can hardly find any SIM card at such an affordable price. And, if you are not going to use this card regularly, what for to waste money on it? Besides, in many cases, to get a new SIM card, you need to register it via your ID and unlock your phone. There is no need to pass through such difficulties if the only thing you need is to create an account on some kind of website. More to the point, Sms-man will help you protect your privacy. We will not ask you to share any private data except your email address. You can make purchases at our store completely anonymously so that you feel comfortable and protected.

How to use a virtual Spanish mobile number for creating a profile?

How to use a virtual Spanish phone number for creating a profile?

  1. As we have already noted, to make purchases, you should enter your email address and create a reliable password. No other data is required.

Register on the service Sms-man to buy a Spanish virtual number

2. After registration, deposit your balance via any of the payment methods on offer.

Make a deposit to purchase a Spanish virtual number

3. Choose a country of a mobile operator on the main page.

Buy a Spanish virtual number from the online store Sms-man

4. Decide, on which website you want to create an account. If you cannot find a service needed, enter its name in the search bar.

Choose for which service you need a virtual Spanish mobile number

5. Now, copy your Spanish virtual number from the tab “Request History” so that you can use it for verification. See the instructions on the screenshot below.

Copy your virtual Spanish mobile number to use it for registration

6. Enter it in the registration form on the source chosen identically to an ordinary mobile number. But, to receive an activation code, you will not need your smartphone. Instead, go back to the page “Request History” and click on the button “Get SMS”.

When the registration is finished, you can use a new account without any restrictions. You should not worry about any risks. Any security system will accept a disposable number from our store without any problems.

Sure, if you also need a fake number registered in any other country, for example, the USA, China, or Germany, you can freely get it from our store as well.

How to get discount by purchasing our NFT?

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new product. You can purchase a discount on a particular product simply by purchasing our NFTs. You can get the link to buy it through our official Telegram channel, as well as from our Telegram bot. Discounts can be from 10% to 15% for services of the country you want. Cryptocurrency for purchasing our NFT is TON. That’s why you will need to create special wallet for it.
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