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How to delete Discord account in 2022

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How do I know where Discord is installed on my PC?

Before you can completely delete discord account, you need to uninstall it from a location, so you need to know where it is installed.Most applications in Windows are installed on the C drive. The exact location and path of Discord is as follows: C:³Users%username%AppDataLocalDiscord.

What happens if I uninstall Discord?

Delete discord account means uninstalling the application from your computer or phone, but the new account is not uninstalled. This means that your account will still be available in any other Discord application.

The main reason for uninstalling the application is to fix a problem. However, if you plan to switch to a different application and want to quit Discord, you will need to delete your account.

How do I completely uninstall Discord on a Mac?

Mac users can also completely uninstall Discord by following these steps.

First, you need to sign out of Discord. You can do this by clicking the Discord icon at the top left of the menu and selecting “Sign out”.  You can also exit by right-clicking the Discord icon on the bottom taskbar.

discord deletion

Click on “Finder” in the Dock and select “Applications”. Find Discord in “Applications”, right-click it and select “Move to Basket”.

Currently, moving discord to the trolley only uninstalls the application, but does not remove all discord files. Therefore, you need to remove the discord file from the entire system.

  • Select “Go” in the menu bar and click “Gotofolder” Enter “~/Library” in the “Gotofolder” field and click “Go”.
  • Now find all discord and related files, right-click on them and select “Move to trash”.
  • Do the same for all the other files.

How to completely delete discord account on Windows 10 or 11?

Let’s remove Discord manually:In Windows Installer/Uninstaller, find Discord in the list.can't uninstall discord

You will be warned that uninstalling will make the application disappear, but that’s exactly what you need to do.That’s basically it. But what to do with the account after deletion? Let’s find out.

How do I delete my Discord account?

Even if you’ve already deleted an app from your phone or computer, it’s not hard. Use your browser to sign in to your account and see what you need to do. can't uninstall discord

Click on the “Settings” icon next to your name and you’ll see “Account Settings”.account-discord

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see two buttons: Disable Account and Delete Account.

How can I protect my privacy?

If you choose to delete your account to protect your privacy, we can offer you the option to create an account with no private information

When you sign up for Discord, you’ll need to enter your phone number and email address. Of course, this does not prevent data leakage. Why not fake the data? Read our blog – we’ve already told you how to do it with Discord and various email services – use SMS-Man for secure use of the Internet.

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