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TradingView account: sign up without a phone number

create tradingview account with sms-man

Today it has become very popular to make money on the internet. People have learned to create new technologies, exchanges, and all for the sake of making money. Today everyone can make money on cryptocurrencies. But how to know that tomorrow the price of a cryptocurrency will rise and you can earn? For this you should use a special analytical service tradingview. It has both paid and free functions. But to use them you need to create a tradingview account. So today I will show how to do this and link a virtual tradingview phone number.

create tradingview account with sms-man

tradingview account benefits

You can see the chart of cryptocurrency value. it is updated in real time. You can watch how the price changes every day, hour, minute and even second!

Analytics. If you create an account and pass tradingview verify phone number you can buy access to different analytic tools. The website has a huge number of them. just choose the one you want in the list. you can also set up notifications from the site. for example the bitcoin price went up to $35,000 and the site will send you a notice about this.

Versatility. Don’t understand anything about cryptocurrencies? no problem. use tradingview to track prices of stocks, futures, and even fiat currencies!

history of cryptocurrencies

Of course, the progenitors of cryptocurrencies can be called stocks. despite the fact that people still invest in them, they are now almost out of fashion. Shares have been around since the Venetian Republic, but not in this form, which is nothing like today’s. They took a more modern form in the middle of the 19th century, and they reached their peak in the first half of the 20th century. It has become a direct influence on the prices in electronics stores, the prices of games and other devices. The surge in bitcoin prices to $60,000 has shaken many industries, as new computer components have become too expensive for regular users. In 2021, people really had a choice: add half the amount to the purchase of, for example, a good used car or buy a graphics card for their PC.

how to buy tradingview phone number from sms-man service

  • Go to the sms-man site.
  • In the upper right corner there is a button for registration.
  • Once you have completed registration at our site, you will need to top up your account balance. you can do this in the payments tab.
  • Great, now you have money in your account. go back to the home page.
  • here, in the list of services and countries, select the items you need.
  • If the country or service you are looking for is not displayed at the top, then expand the list and find the service you are looking for via the search.

excellent everything you need to do on the site we did. now go to the tradingview site and create a tradingview account. after that in your profile you will need to specify the number you were given on our site. 

about VPN

but before you get the sms I recommend you install hidemy.Name VPN. choose the server of the country whose number you bought. excellent now get your code and specify it in your new account. congratulations you have finished tradingview verify phone number and now know where you can get tradingview phone number.



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