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How to Activate Xiaomi Account without a Phone Number?

Activate Xiaomi Account without a Phone Number

Xiaomi is a Chinese technological company, has spread its mobile devices worldwide. Their products and services help customers advance their routine, from listening to music to checking health statistics. A lot of practical software applications are preloaded on Xiaomi phones.

But they’re available only if you create Xiaomi account on the official website or in the phone settings. They say it helps improve security and access data in case the phone is lost. In this piece, we’re going to help you raise the curtain over the account features and the registration process.


What are the Benefits of the Xiaomi Profile?

The company has an ecosystem that unties its products, applications, and services. They ask you to activate Xiaomi profile to increase the system’s security measures and access Xiaomi-developed apps without registering or logging in to each one.

Benefits of Xiaomi account
Several tools require an account for operation:

  • Cloud storage, helps you store photos & data in a safe digital hub;
  • Xiaomi Home to control internet-connected home appliances;
  • Mobile Store, to can buy & download company-approved software;
  • Xiaomi Music, lets you listen to all your favorite songs;
  • Xiaomi Community, where Xiaomi account holders discuss various topics touching their devices.

A line of services supports account connection. For instance, the Mi Cloud photos might be migrated to Google Photos if you backed them up. An account not only lets you back up the data, but also helps restore it and sync phone lists, calendar information, settings, passwords, and app data.

Regarding this, no wonder the firm recommends its customers pass the Xiaomi registration procedure. Certain users feel unsafe, given that signing in requires private information. Below is a detailed explanation of the entire process and the rationale for them to require the data.

Xiaomi account registration process

We have already described a similar instruction for Samsung account registration. Here the procedure is very similar, so there won’t be anything complicated.

Xiaomi account registration

Just follow the steps below to register an account in the Xiaomi ecosystem:

  1. Press “Xiaomi account” in the settings menu;
  2. Enter a mobile number, then click “next”;
  3. Then paste the verification code received via an SMS message;
  4. Verify if you’re a human;
  5. Read & Agree to their TOS and privacy policy, then complete your registration.

That said the phone number is required to increase the security measures of your phone data. Beyond that, it seems to be unused, making users think Xiaomi phone verification is pointless and search for sideways to create an account without it.

The security improvements include the two-step authentication that protects your account. Despite that, their data security system has various controversial moments to consider. There have been concerns in the past regarding the company’s software collecting the information of Xiaomi account holders without them knowing and agreeing to this. Although the company has denied these accusations and stated that it takes customer privacy seriously, nobody knows how they work with the data.

The Chinese intelligence law also obligates companies, individuals, and organizations to assist governmental intelligence services. It means that if the Chinese government asks Xiaomi to share information regarding a Xiaomi account owner, the company must do it. Considering all this, it’s wise to give them as little information as possible. A good solution may be a virtual mobile phone number .

Create a Xiaomi account without a phone number

Virtual phone numbers work separately from SIM cards or phones. This makes it possible to get it remotely and receive text messages from various online services, social networks, messengers and others. They are ideal for online registration because no one can trace you and gives you the ability to remain anonymous. This makes it ideal for the Xiaomi registration process as well.

Lots of services offer virtual numbers with different prices or features. SMS-man gives you the opportunity to get phone numbers of different countries which can be used for receiving SMS messages.

virtual phone number for xiaomi

Here’s a step by step guide on how to use our virtual number for registration:

  1. Open our official website at, and create or log in to your account;
  2. Go to “Top up my balance” page, then choose one of the available payment systems and make a payment;
  3. Go back to the home page, then select your country and Xiaomi service;
  4. Click the purchase button and find your virtual number in the “History” section;
  5. Enter it when verifying your Xiaomi account and wait for the confirmation code;
  6. Go back to SMS-man to read it by pressing the ” Receive SMS ” button;
  7. Enter the confirmation code, then complete your registration.

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