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Can I Use Steam without a Phone Number?

Can I Use Steam without a Phone Number?

What is Steam? Steam is a video game distribution service released by Valve in 2003. Steam quickly grew to become the primary source of video game products on the Internet. It’s an online service operable from the desktop. Nearly all worthwhile PC games are available on Steam, making it an indispensable piece of software for gamers.

This software combines the elements of a library, online store, and social media. Steam is always at the center of the Internet discourse concerning video games. It’s the most popular piece of software related to this industry, making a Steam account a must-have for gamers. You don’t need a phone number to register, but it’s recommended to connect one.

Can I Use Steam without a Phone Number

About Steam

What is Steam feature-wise? It’s an old distribution system. Valve, the giant video game producer responsible for Half-Life, Portal, TF2, and L4D, owns and maintains it. Steam became the one source of new games for millions of users, instead of numerous disparate sources before. Steam is also a pioneer of online video game stores.

Besides the large collection of games available in a single application, Steam offers comfort. You acquire and play games in two neighboring tabs. Games are owned as cloud-stored digital copies. Before Steam, people piled up CDs or went to cybercafés to play games. But a single downloadable app stores all your favorites, accessible whenever. That’s basically how to use Steam.

It’s even possible to connect third-party games to Steam, adding them to the system. It’s a flexible, comfortable, and unrestrictive piece of software. This won much praise and acclaim from gamers. The two main ways to play are through Steam and various consoles, and that won’t change soon. Rival services exist, but they are insignificant.

Steam Registration

What is Steam registration process like? It’s fast, undemanding, and user-friendly. Before registration, users must download the desktop application – the main functional form of Steam. Creating the account isn’t hard; the email is the primary detail. Share the email, create a username and a password, and that’s it. However, a phone number is a necessary addition.

Using Steam without a phone number is possible, but some features and content are barred for non-verified users, and a phone number is required for verification. It’s necessary for security, yours and Steam’s. You need to share a number for a full user experience. That’s private info, though. There’s no harm in avoiding sharing it. Fortunately, there is a comfortable, cheap method.

People often buy additional SIM cards specifically to register on apps. For instance, to create a Steam account. It’s viable and convenient but with glaring drawbacks. These are often costly, really overkill and require maintenance. There are numbers specializing in registration and offering comfort. They are called virtual numbers, rented and accessed online at dirt-cheap prices.

Can I use Steam without a Phone Number?

How does Steam feel about virtual numbers? Steam will not notice any difference between a regular number and a virtual number provided for verification. The virtual number plan is flawless because Steam does not ask you to validate the number for an extended period of time. By then, users can purchase another one.

Virtual numbers are part of the cloud technology. Customers get a phone number over the internet and use it through a web interface. All messages are sent to the user’s personal profile on the site where the number is leased. SMS-man is the main provider of virtual numbers and offers virtual phone numbers for texting from more than 170 different countries.

virtual phone number for Steam

To get one, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Sign up for SMS-man or join using your Google+ account.
  2. Find the function “deposit my account” on the screen, use it to deposit money.
  3. Back to the main page, select the country and Steam service, then click on “Buy”;
  4. Find the number in your profile under “History” and copy it;
  5. Use the number when registering with Steam;
  6. Wait for the verification code and get it on the website SMS-man by clicking “receive SMS ” next to your phone number;
  7. Use the code you receive to complete your Steam account registration.

For registration and verification, virtual messages are sufficient. Rented numbers offer limitless messages, excellent for establishing multiple accounts in rapid succession. They are costly, while single virtual messages cost <$1, depending on the country and required service.

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