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How to Complete Registration without a Phone Number

How to Complete Registration without a Phone Number is a distinct Russian service with a focus on email capabilities. Besides online mail, a account offers news, blog capabilities, cloud storage, and other options. The integration with other services owned by this company is a key feature, as well. It’s essentially a Russian equivalent of a Google account, with the many various apps, products, and services under one roof.

Options like weather reports, data storage, blog, deliveries, calendar, schedules, online calls, and various linked websites are all offered as a single package. It’s a convenient, useful environment, and all you have to do to access it is create a account. Although it’s Russian, the service is available worldwide. You can’t create an email account without a phone number on Benefits and Features’s primary function is its email capabilities. Like Gmail, it offers deep, pleasant integration features, letting you schedule meetings, perform them via the in-built calling functionality, and compile to-do lists. Basically, if you have a routine, it can be improved using It’s a good alternative to Google’s products. Benefits and Features

A account has these benefits, compared to Gmail:

  • Increased diversity of services. offers an even larger pool of products to improve your time online. Many are minor and insignificant, but they can be pleasant, useful, and fun.
  • Quick customer support. Because is much smaller than Google, it can address user problems much faster.
  • Superior email management. lets you control your mail on a much more comfortable and nuanced level.

It has its merits. It’s a good replacement if you dislike Gmail and Google products, but it’s not ideal. While Google famously misuses your data for business purposes, the situation isn’t better with a account. In fact, considering that it’s a Russian service with ties to the government, you might be uncomfortable using it. However, it’s not like they can harm a foreign user.

Foreigners can use on a comfortable enough level. It’s available in the app form, supports various global languages, and has a modern, user-friendly interface (at least the mobile variety). The registration process is also pretty simple, although you do need to submit some sensitive info to continue. For instance, you can’t register email without a phone number.

Creating a Account

A functional account can be created in most countries, the content isn’t getting restricted based on the location factor (besides some Russia-specific services). The registration process is quick and simple. It does require uncomfortable information, such as your full name, date of birth, and phone number.

Users can’t create mail without phone number or these other details. However, while the name and DoB information can be faked (no one will double-check it), they will check that you’ve shared a number you actually own. As such, you can’t register without an active number completely. However, it doesn’t mean you should register using your own, private phone.

A spare number acquired precisely for registration purposes works like a charm. A second SIM card can do, but they cost money, are often uncomfortable and you have to walk to get it. There is a thing called virtual numbers. They are ideal if you need to register using another number. They are effective without the many disadvantages a SIM card would have.

mail ru account registration

Сan I create Mail account without a phone number?

Virtual numbers are a form of cloud technology used to replace common SIM cards. Online numbers usually just receive messages, offering no calling functionality. It makes them cheap, less useful for a regular mobile experience, but ideal for creating accounts online. You can’t create an email account without a phone number, but that’s even better.

Virtual numbers aren’t connected to a physical device. They are an online product that you can rent. Buyers can do it on one of the many virtual number vendors, like SMS-man. An even cheaper solution is a virtual message, a one-time SMS you can use to register an account on to the same exact effect.

virtual phone number for mail

To purchase a virtual number, follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up at or log in with your Google+, Facebook or Twitter account;
  2. Make a deposit to your account using the “top up my account” function;
  3. Back to the main page, select the country and service, then click on ‘Buy’;
  4. Find the number in your profile under “History” and copy it;
  5. Use the number when registering with the email service;
  6. Wait for the verification code and get it on the website SMS-man by clicking ” receive SMS ” next to your phone number;
  7. Use the code you receive to complete your Mail account registration.

You can get by with one virtual message. They cost less than $1, but the exact price varies from country to country. Leased numbers are valid for several months, they offer unlimited messages, but they end up doing the same job. If you don’t log out of an account created with a virtual message/number, you have no trouble logging back in.

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