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Register a Getir Account without a Phone Number

Register a Getir Account without a Phone Number

What is Getir? Getir is a Turkish transportation company with various useful services, including food delivery, groceries delivery, food takeout, etc. Similar to Uber, Glovo, and GrubHub, Getir started in 2015 and diversified to include numerous services important for the contemporary urban routine.

Getir operates in multiple European countries, the United States, and Turkey. It’s present mostly in nations where online delivery already became popular, like UK or Netherlands. Its center of operations is Turkey, most Getir users are Turkish. It has an app and a web browser version. So, how does Getir work?

Getir Benefits and Features

Getir’s most prominent feature is food deliveries. It covers ordering food from partnered restaurants and grocery shopping. They boast ‘ultrafast’ service, delivering food in minutes (the exact duration depends on the proximity and order type). It’s cheap, fast, and effective. But what is Getir feature-wise? The exact pool of Getir services varies from country to country.

Getir Benefits and Features

The most common features include:

  • Food takeout.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Delivery of other products.
  • Taxi services.
  • Deliveries from local businesses.

It can also include water deliveries, job applications, etc. The fullest functionality is available only in Turkey, while less-prioritized markets receive less diversity. Various food delivery services remain the #1 point of attraction for millions of Getir users, making it an instant hit.

A Getir account is beneficial on multiple levels. It has a limited reach beyond Turkey and individual European countries. While visiting Turkey, however, installing the Getir app is a wise move. It’s available in English, the services are cheap, fast, and effective, and it’s omnipresent in Turkey.

Creating a Getir Account

You can’t use Getir without an account, obviously. Creating one isn’t difficult, similar to other delivery services. Not much info is required, except for the phone number and some unimportant details. The phone number is a big concern. It means sharing a piece of sensitive info that won’t be used in the user experience.

So, what is Getir doing with your number? The number is only necessary to verify your identity. This measure is a half-hearted deterrent against fake accounts. It doesn’t work, instead creating discomfort for honest users. Registering without a phone number is impossible, but you can use a fake, spare one. What you need is a virtual number.

There are plenty of reasons to use virtual numbers. Securing your anonymity online is important, as is keeping your inbox free of marketing and verification messages. If you want to create a Getir account while your own number is blocked, you can use a virtual number for it. Here’s how to register on Getir without a phone number.

Virtual Numbers for Getir

Virtual phone numbers are a cloud technology that enables privacy and anonymity when dealing with apps. There are few reasons not to register using a virtual number. Such products are cheap, disposable, and effective. They do their job, and a virtual phone number for Getir can’t even be tracked.

Virtual numbers are purchased and maintained online. Their main shtick is the absence of hardware. They are digital products with low prices – way lower than SIM cards. They only receive messages, making them excellent for registration procedures. Because of these limitations, they are very cheap.

SMS-man is one of the primary vendors of virtual numbers online. The pool of products here includes rentable numbers and single-use messages. The former are long-term solutions, while the latter are dirt cheap. They are effective, though. One message is enough to register, and you only need to stay logged in.

virtual phone number for getir

To buy a virtual message, follow these steps:

  1. Go to our website at, and join or log in to your account;
  2. Open “Top up my balance” page, then choose one of the available payment systems and make a payment;
  3. Go back to the home page, then select your country and Getir service;
  4. Click the purchase button and find your virtual number in the “History” section;
  5. Enter it when registering Getir account and wait for the confirmation code;
  6. Go back to SMS-man to read it by pressing the ” Receive SMS ” button;
  7. Enter the confirmation code, then complete your registration.

You can rent a phone number for Getir for longer, but it’s a bit costlier. The benefit of using single-use messages is their insane affordability (<1$), letting you obtain anonymity and privacy for nearly free. The rented numbers are good for creating multiple accounts simultaneously.


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