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Create a CMT Cuzdan Wallet without a phone number

CMT Cuzdan Turkish mobile wallet allows you to transfer money instantly wherever you are. It allows you to deposit, withdraw and send money from your personal bank accounts. You can manage all your finances with just one mobile app.

Создать кошелек CMT Cuzdan без номера телефона

To register CMT Cuzdan Wallet you need a phone number. It requires the number of a Turkish mobile operator, to which the service will send an SMS with a confirmation code. If you don’t have a Turkish SIM-card, but you need to create CMT Cuzdan wallet as soon as possible, you can buy a virtual number for SMS activation of Cuzdan on our website at the best price.

Buy a virtual phone number for CMT Cuzdan

At you can buy virtual phone number not only to register CMT Cuzdan wallet, but also for other popular payment services like Alipay, Qiwi, Paycell, PayPal, Papara, Venmo, GCash and many others. A virtual number to create a CMT Cuzdan wallet costs only 25 cents. This list includes Turkish mobile operators, with which you can successfully create the wallet.

How to buy a virtual number for CMT Cuzdan:

  1. Complete a quick registration on the main page of
  2. Recharge your balance in the “Payment” section with one of the suggested payment systems.
  3. Go back to the main page and search for the service name – “CMT Cuzdan”.
  4. Choose one of the numbers by clicking on “Get”. Then it will appear in the personal cabinet.
  5. Copy the virtual phone number and paste it when creating a CMT Cuzdan Wallet.
  6. When the service sends an SMS to it, go back to the personal cabinet and click on “Get SMS”.
  7. The code will appear in the “SMS” column, copy or type it into the registration field at CMT Cuzdan.

Registration on CMT Cuzdan is finished, and you can use all functions of Turkish payment system.
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Virtual phone number for CMT Cuzdan
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