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How to recover Facebook business page?

How to recover Facebook business page?

How to restore Facebook business page if I got blocked? First of all, you need to find out the reason for a ban, as there are 4 different methods to contact a support team. If you want to regain access to your account within the shortest possible time, it is important to turn to the right person from the very beginning.

There are three reasons for a ban:

  1. Advertisements posted violate the rules of Facebook.
  2. Suspicious activities.
  3. A ban by mistake.

As a rule, Facebook staff inform their users why they have blocked them via email or in a personal cabinet. For example, a notification can look as follows:

How to recover business page Facebook if it is blocked

Let us discuss all the reasons specified above in detail and find optimal solutions to them.

How to unblock a business page on Facebook in case of a violation of advertisement rules?

How to unblock a business page on Facebook in case of a violation of advertisement rules?

If your account is disabled due to a violation of the Facebook policy, you will need to fix all the flaws to get your profile back. Namely, you will need to check all the advertisements and delete all that violate the rules of the social network.

Request a review to recover Facebook ad account

If you need some assistance in finding out which rules you have violated, you can use this form to request a review.

A lifehack! As a rule, the support team of Facebook replies within 1-4 days. If you want to recover business page Facebook within the shortest term, be sure to compile your request in English. In case you use a different language, there is a risk that you will have to wait for 1-3 weeks. If you are unsure of your English, you can use an online translating tool.

How to unblock Facebook ads account in case of unusual activities?

In case you have got a notification that your account is disabled due to unusual activities, it is an automatic blockage.

This problem can be caused by the following reasons:

  • a rapid increase in a marketing campaign budget;
  • a mistake in banking details linked to payment methods;
  • posting an advertisement from a new account;
  • accessing a cabinet from a different IP address.

You can find out a reason for a problem and remove restrictions by following this link.

How to recover facebook ad account if it is blocked by mistake?

How to recover Facebook ad account if it is blocked by mistake?

In case you believe that you got a ban by mistake and do not know a reason for restrictions, get in touch with an ads manager via a chat. In your request, specify that your ad page is blocked and you do not know how to restore it. Also, be sure to ask what is a reason for a ban.

Still, it may be difficult for you to catch ads managers in as they do not work 24/7. If you do not manage to get in touch with them, try to contact a support department in another way.

Using a chat for all matters to recover business page Facebook

I would like to highlight from the very start that this chat is available to certain users only. That depends on the budget you have spent on your ad campaign. In any case, you had better try all the methods described above in the first place.

You can send your question to a chat mentioned by following this link. If it is available to you, it will be displayed right at the bottom of the page.

What if I didn’t manage to recover Facebook ad account?

If the support team refuses to return you access to your profile, there are always solid reasons, i.e. severe rule violations. If you are banned permanently, the only way out is to register again.

Important! There is a risk that Facebook has blocked your IP address so that you cannot sign up again in the future. So, use VPN services for changing your IP address when opening and using your new profile.

Buy a virtual number to register a new Facebook account for $0,08 only

Obviously, to get a new page, you will need a new mobile number. If you do not any extra SIM cards, you can buy a virtual number for Facebook on our website for $0,08 only. It will allow you to successfully pass SMS verification on this social network and create a fully-featured page for running an advertising campaign.

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