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Can I use Zoosk app without a Phone Number?

Can I use Zoosk app without a Phone Number?

Do you want to register a Zoosk account but you doubt if it’s trustworthy enough to share your real-life telephone number with? Or are you looking for a way to create several Zoosk accounts at once? Let’s try to discover answers for these questions further in today’s article.

Zoosk is an American online dating service originally made as a video-chatting and streaming platform, but later acquiring extra features. Today, it has over 35 million daily active users from almost 80 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. The website version supports 25 languages.

What are the main benefits of Zoosk as a service and why do people prefer it over other dating platforms? Let’s try to answer this question.

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Brief Overview of the Zoosk App

What is Zoosk in terms of functionality and what makes it so popular with so many people around the globe? Since it’s a video platform, in addition to traditional checking profiles, setting reactions, and sending messages, Zoosk also offers:

  • publishing short videos.
  • making online streams — any user can publish comments under streams and videos and set reactions.
  • using chats for communication — there are local, group or regional ones.

Free & Paid features

Free features include registration and testing a platform for a trial period to make sure you are ready to create Zoosk account — on the website or the desktop chat client. Furthermore, it also provides apps for both iOS and Android, but with slightly reduced functionality.

Free & Paid features

To get access to the expanded features of the platform, you will have to pay for a subscription. The paid functionality includes:

  • Unlimited profile checking;
  • Unlimited messages in chats;
  • The opportunity to steam more as well as upload more videos;
  • VIP-gifts;

There are four subscription options to choose from for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. They cost $30, $60, $75 or $100 respectively.

Within the service, you can also buy its in-build currency to pay for gifts and purchase one-day services. You will have to pay $5 for 30 coins and $40 for 480 coins. You can pay both with a card or via PayPal.

Pros & Cons of Zoosk

According to the users of the platform, among other benefits of Zoosk, its best feature is that answering messages is all free. While its main drawback is that Zoosk seems to be more of a communication platform for finding like-minded people rather than a love partner. Users explain it by saying that filters are not designed thoughtfully enough.

Why Zoosk requires a phone number?

Getting back to the registration procedures, to create Zoosk account, you will have to verify your identity and profile picture authenticity. The platform offers three options for this purpose:

  1. Link your Facebook or Twitter account;
  2. Provide selfie;
  3. Confirm your phone number for Zoosk.

You may say that all those things are not such a big deal, but if you care about your data security, we recommend you think twice. And here are the reasons.

zoosk registration

Linking your Zoosk accounts to any social media platform, especially that huge, seems to be a very insecure solution. You must have heard how badly Meta and Google trace user data. Sharing a selfie seems to be okay but it still doesn’t safeguard your online anonymity.

Furthermore, Zoosk is known for using big data and algorithmic recommendations technology to find best matches for the users. Its patented neuronet called “Behavioral Matchmaking” learns from user clicks, messaging, and other actions to help produce more accurate matches. And to increase accuracy, the engine collects as much data as possible.

Finally, providing your personal phone number may seem the most dangerous of all three, since potentially it gives the best opportunity for scammers to get access to many parts of your data. Unless there were options to avoid disclosing your real-life phone number. For example, using virtual phones for SMS activation instead.

How to get a virtual phone number on SMS-MAN to create Zoosk account

SMS-man platform sells temporary phone numbers specifically to receive SMS confirmation for registering on popular online services, apps, and marketplaces.

Virtual numbers are a cheap and convenient alternative to conventional cell phones, since buying or renting a number is pretty easy. Moreover, they protect your online anonymity since you don’t have to disclose your phone number.

If you want to create several Zoosk accounts or register other services as well, it will be more comfortable for you to rent a virtual number. Thus, it will be only yours for up to 90 days. From $0.05, you can also buy a one-time virtual phone for over 1000 online services. Zoosk included.

virtual phone number for Zoosk

To get a virtual number, follow our step-by-step instructions:

  1. To get started, go to and create an account;
  2. Find the menu on the left and click on ” Top-up my balance ” to go to the payment page. Then make a deposit;
  3. Then go back to the main page to choose your mobile operator country and service – in our case Zoosk;
  4. Get your phone number by clicking on the “Buy” button next to it. The system will then automatically add it to the “History” section;
  5. Apply the phone number to register with Zoosk and obtain a confirmation code;
  6. Go back to your “History” section and click on the “Receive SMS” button next to your number;
  7. Apply the code to complete your registration.

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