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Fast Way to Create Tinder Account without Phone Number

create Tinder account without phone number

Request to register with dating apps without a phone number has long been commonplace. There is no difference whether it is about the need to create Tinder account without phone number or an account on another similar service like Bumble, Happn, and others. People do this in the case of all of them. Most often they just don’t want to someone know they are using such apps. Sometimes it is also about the wish to stay away from the unwanted attention of stalkers who can use obtained personal data to find and disturb a person on other platforms such as social networks and instant messengers.

The most important thing though is that regardless of the reason it always ends up with not using a mobile phone number to sign up for an account. But is it possible to do so with the most popular dating app worldwide? Here we will explain how anyone can register with Tinder without phone number quickly and easily and answer other popular questions.

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What is a Tinder dating app?

Tinder is an app that once changed the rules of the game in the online dating industry. Launched in 2012, this app was different from what we see today. Mostly, because its selection feature was click-based. That feature was replaced by a swipe feature only a year after the app’s founder and co-founder, gamification enthusiasts, modeled the deck-of-cards function.

Since its introduction and launch, users have been able to swipe people who match their criteria to the right and people who don’t to the left. When both people swipe each other to the right, it’s a match. Those who matched get the opportunity to chat and get to know each other better or schedule a meeting. Because of the simplicity and convenience of the swipe feature, the Tinder dating app started to become popular very quickly. As of 2014, its users were making over a billion swipes daily. Five years later, the app had 57 million monthly active users around the world and 7 million of those who purchased some type of subscription.

By 2023, these numbers have increased to 75 million and 10.9 million respectively, while the app has become available for use in more than 190 countries and 56 languages. The age and gender situations in the app have never changed their trends. There are still fewer females than males, who represent 75% of the total number of users. But on the other hand, in 2019 the number of males in the app was 78.1%, so the gender ratio has leveled off a bit in recent years. In terms of age, 60% of Tinder users are under 35 years old. That makes Tinder a better fit for young people at the moment, although it can also be used effectively by the older generation.

Tinder dating app features list

Can you make a Tinder without phone number?

Tinder offers users multiple ways to sign up for an account. You can do this either with a profile on Google or Facebook as well as a mobile phone number. However, this doesn’t really mean anything. It is not possible to register an account on Tinder without phone number. You will still need to verify your mobile number regardless of the registration method chosen.

Even if you choose to sign up with Gmail or Facebook, Tinder will ask you to provide and confirm your phone number via SMS. But what to do if there is no number on hand available for this purpose and you still need to create Tinder account without phone number?

Simple and affordable solution

You can just use such a tool as temporary phone numbers. They are designed specifically to help people create accounts on online services if for some reason they cannot use their own numbers. With them, it is also possible to go through the Tinder sign up process only with a PC because they eliminate the need to have even a mobile phone, not to mention that it is also not necessary to purchase and activate a SIM card from a cellular provider.

Everything there to do is to visit the appropriate website or download and open an app that offers the opportunity to operate temporary numbers. Every platform of this kind provides its solutions via the internet and without requiring to go anywhere. Thus, they are always open for those who want to register on Tinder without phone number regardless of their location. You can use temporary phone numbers wherever and whenever you need.

In addition, such numbers allow one to create Tinder account without phone number at a comparatively low cost. For example, temporary phone numbers issued in the USA cost only about $0.60. Temporary numbers from other countries are not much more expensive, and in most cases are even cheaper. At the same time, the cost of one SIM card in almost every country is at least a few dollars. So, this solution is not only convenient because there is no need to go anywhere but also several times cheaper and thus more cost-effective.

Create Tinder account without phone number quickly

The process of operating a temporary number is not difficult. You only need to have any modern device such as a smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer and an internet connection. Moreover, it takes no longer than a couple of minutes to perform all the necessary actions. Just follow our instructions below to learn how to use Tinder without phone number:

1. Open the registration form at the website and sign up for an account.

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2. Choose a payment option from those that are presented on the appropriate tab and use it to top up your balance. You can use bank transfer, Coinbase, Payeer, AdvCash,  USDT TRC-20, and other methods.

SMS-Man payment

3. Proceed to the main page of the platform. There it is necessary to choose the country of the cellular provider that will issue a temporary number on the first tab and find Tinder on the tab with supported services. You can choose any country. But if possible, we recommend choosing the country of your origin.

SMS-Man phone number to create Tinder account

4. Click on the purchase button.

5. Copy the received temporary number, put it on the profile creation page on Tinder, and request a verification code.

6. Reveal code on SMS-Man by clicking on “Get SMS”.

7. Register an account with the displayed code.

The task is done. There is nothing difficult about registering a Tinder account without phone number. Everyone can do that. You can also get and utilize temporary phone numbers from cellular carriers in other countries without changing your location. It is not mandatory to use exactly those ones that are issued in your country of origin. Just don’t forget to connect with the VPN to the server in the appropriate country. This will allow you to avoid possible issues in the process like blocking and others. In addition, there are no limitations on how many temporary numbers users can activate. So, basically, they allow signing up for an infinite number of accounts.

Summing up the above, the question of do you need a phone number for Tinder or not has a positive answer. You have to use it in order to sign up for this dating app. However, if it is not possible to use a personal one, then a temporary number is a great way to go. It is a cheap and easy-to-use feature that is available everywhere around the world, which definitely makes it worth trying.


How to create Tinder login with phone number for verification multiple times?

Tinder doesn’t like it when users create multiple profiles. However, on the part of the service rules and technical part there is no prohibition to do so. You only need to log out of your current account, get another temporary number, and sign up for a new account with it. To stay logged in to a few profiles at once, you can clone the Tinder dating app with apps, such as Parallel Space. They are available for every OC. Just don’t forget to change your IP address every time you register a new account because the service tracks it and may block new profiles due to suspect activity if they are registered with the same IP address.

Tinder search without registering — is that possible?

There is no way to access and explore Tinder in any way without an account, and therefore without registering. It is mandatory to sign up for this dating app to take advantage of all the opportunities that it offers.

How to find someone on Tinder by phone number?

Unlike most social networks and instant messengers, Tinder offers no search feature to users. You cannot find someone on this service by their phone number, name, surname, or any other information. Finding the right person is possible purely by accident on the swipes page unless they have added you to their contacts on their mobile phone and disabled the possibility to be found by those in their contact list.

How to get unbanned on Tinder after getting blocked?

Blocking is far from an uncommon occurrence on Tinder. There are many different reasons why you may find yourself in this situation. If you think that your profile was blocked by mistake and want to unblock it, the only solution to this is to send an appeal to the service customer service. Sometimes, though, this method doesn’t work because the page is blocked forever. In this case, all that remains to do to continue using Tinder is to create a new account.

Can you use Tinder on a computer?

You can freely meet new people with this service not only on the mobile app but also on your computer. To take advantage of this opportunity, everything you need to do is sign up or log in to your account from the mobile app on the official website of the platform. The web version of Tinder is supported and works on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other popular browsers. There is no issue with using it on any device.

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