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Fast way to create Tinder account without phone number

create Tinder account without phone number

Registering on dating apps anonymously has long been commonplace. There is no difference whether it is Tinder, Bumble, Hily, or anything else. People do this with all of them. Most often they just don’t want to someone know they are using such apps. But sometimes it is also about the wish to stay away from the unwanted attention of stalkers that can use provided personal data to find a person on other social media networks. However, regardless of the reason, it always ends up with not using a mobile cell number during the registration of an account. So here we will explain how anyone can create Tinder account without phone number quickly and easily.

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Can you make a Tinder without phone number?

Tinder offers users multiple ways to sign up for an account. You can do this either with a profile on Google or Facebook as well as a mobile phone number. So, at first glance, it seems that it is possible to register an account on Tinder without phone number. But in most cases, it is not.

Even if you choose to sign up with Gmail or Facebook, the platform will ask you to provide and verify your mobile number by receiving SMS. With that said, using a phone number is still required. But what to do if there is no one available?

Simple and affordable solution

You can just use such a tool as temporary phone numbers. They are designed specifically to help people create accounts on online services if for some reason they cannot use their own numbers. There is even no need to have a mobile phone to operate them, not saying that it is also not necessary to get and activate a SIM card from a cellular provider. Everything there to do is to visit the appropriate website or download and open an app that offers temporary numbers. Thus, with them, there is an opportunity to sign up for Tinder only with a PC.

In addition, temporary cell numbers are also cheap. For example, ones issued in India cost only $0.2. Temporary numbers from other countries are not much more expensive either. At the same time, the cost of one SIM card is at least a few dollars. So this solution is not only convenient as there is no need to go anywhere but also several times cheaper and more cost-effective for sure.

Create Tinder account without phone number quickly

The process of operating a temporary number is not complicated. You only need to have any modern device such as a smartphone or laptop and an internet connection. Moreover, it takes no longer than a few minutes to complete. Just follow our instructions below to learn how to use Tinder without phone number:

1. Open the registration form at the website and sign up for an account.

2. Choose a payment option from those that are presented on the appropriate tab. Use it to refill your balance.

3. Proceed to the homepage of the platform. There it is necessary to choose where a temporary number should be issued and Tinder.

4. Click on the purchase button.

5. Copy the received temporary number, put it on the profile creation page on Tinder and request a verification code.

6. Reveal code on SMS-Man by clicking on “Get SMS”.

7. Register an account with that code.

The job is done. There is nothing difficult about registering a Tinder account without phone number. Everyone can perform that. You can also get and activate temporary phone numbers from cellular carriers in other countries. It is not mandatory to use ones from your country of origin. Just don’t forget to connect with the VPN to the appropriate server in this case. Moreover, there are also no limitations on how many numbers users can activate. So, basically, they allow signing up for unlimited accounts.

Summing up the above, the question of do you need a phone number for Tinder or not has a positive answer. You have to use it in order to sign up for this dating app. However, if it is not possible to use a personal one, then a temporary number is a great way to go. It is a cheap and easy-to-use feature available everywhere which definitely makes it worth trying.


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