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How to open Revolut account without phone number

open revolut account

The banking industry is conservative, and traditional banks have been slow to adopt digital services for young people. In this article we will look at a British financial technology company that offers banking services – Revolut. We’ll also learn how to create an account on this platform without a phone number.

Features of the Banking Company.

The startup describes itself as a digital alternative to banking. Initially, users were offered a prepaid card and an app that allowed travelers to use different currencies at no extra cost. Since then, the range of products and services has been expanded, with Revolut’s new features including:
– cryptocurrency exchange,
– insurance services for travelers,
– expense analytics,
– overseas transfers,
– interest accrual on balances,
– account sharing with those who don’t use Revolut.
The founders say they started their project because they were frustrated with how long it was taking traditional banks to implement digital services for younger customers who prefer to conduct all transactions through a smartphone.

Signing up for Revolut

Before using the service, make sure it is available in the user’s country. Registration is done in 5 steps:
1. download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store,
2. Launch the application, enter the phone number and set a password to log into the account,
3. enter a 6-digit pin code from SMS into the application,
4. Enter name, mailing address, e-mail, social security number or individual taxpayer identification number,
5. Read and accept the terms of the agreement.

Registration without phone number

If you want to create a new account but don’t want to share your personal data you can use a virtual number. In order to do this, you need to choose a service that provides virtual number sales services. For example, you can use the Sms-man site. There you can buy a number for registration in Revolut from 0.37$.
To begin with you need to refill your balance. On the site there are several ways to refill the purse, choose the most convenient for you.


Then you need to choose the country of the number (we choose India in the screenshot) and the service (choose Revolut).


Click on the button to buy. Purchased number will be displayed in the history of purchases. Enter the number you received when you registered at Revolut. Then request a code on the sms-man site. The code will appear in a minute, write it in Revolut. Congratulations, registration is successful!

You can create unlimited number of accounts at services you are interested in with virtual numbers. You can also get a number to register for free in the Telegram channel.

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