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How to Create Coinbase Wallet without a Phone Number

Create Coinbase Wallet without a Phone Number

What is Coinbase? It is a 2012-launched American platform letting you purchase, sell, send, and store crypto. It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and other coins you can convert into and out of your local currency. The crypto exchange works with 100+ million customers, half of whom are US residents.

coinbase account

Convenient terms of service, security measures, and international support help the service attract new customers. If interested, consider downloading the application and creating Coinbase account. But first it’s worth getting to know the benefits of the app if you want to understand what you’re dealing with.

Features of Coinbase exchange

Coinbase is the largest US-registered cryptocurrency exchange platform and wallet. It supports numerous functions suitable for newbies and professional traders. You can convert cryptocurrencies fearlessly as all transactions are protected by various security protocols.

coinbase wallet app

Additional benefits of Coinbase include:

  • Trading plans. Coinbase offers its users the basic plan, providing an uncomplicated interface, fit for regular transactions. There’s been Coinbase Pro, providing people with advanced metrics, trade options, and allowing you to conduct crypto-to-crypto transactions. It was replaced by Coinbase One, equipped with comparable functions, available for 30$/month;
  • Crypto-education. Additional Coinbase benefits include educational video classes touching on existing cryptocurrencies, and how to trade. By checking them, you can earn real money-worth coins. Though you won’t make serious money this way, it’s a good bonus;
  • Cryptocurrency bank card. Those who have Coinbase account can obtain a Visa-powered debit card letting them spend coins everywhere Visa is supported. Use the card in shops or make cash withdrawals at ATMs;
  • Fast withdrawal of funds. They let users withdraw coins after purchase without waiting for days. It may be helpful for those willing to use crypto in external services;
  • Availability on different devices. Coinbase works as a website or a mobile app, meaning you can use it everywhere. Every version has a single-styled interface, adjusted to the device.

As mentioned, the service needs you to create a profile to use the functions. It’s logical, given how many users conduct transactions here every day. It needs to take all users into account to help them avoid fraud and find them if necessary. Before you get on the platform, figure out what is Coinbase registration procedure.

Registration on Coinbase

The registration procedure on Coinbase is virtually the same as on similar exchanges. So if you’ve registered on cryptocurrency exchanges before, you won’t be too surprised.

Registering on a cryptocurrency exchange involves a few simple steps:

  1. Enter your name, e-mail address, come up with a password;
  2. Agree to the user agreement, privacy policy and confirm that you are 18+ years old;
  3. Confirm your e-mail by entering the verification code sent to you;
  4. Enter your phone number, confirm it with the 7-digit code;
  5. Click “Done” to create your Coinbase account.

These arrangements are uncomfortable for many people. They see it as a breach of privacy: any app can be hacked at any time. They could sell it to parties such as the government, marketing firms or spammers. Providing an email is perfectly acceptable, but providing a mobile number is not.

After submitting a phone number, the system enables authentification to improve protection. This might help if you’ve been wondering, ‘Why do I need a phone number for Coinbase?’ It also lets them verify your identity, as various countries’ financial regulators require.

Many people want to have Coinbase as a source of income but are still not going to compromise anonymity. They may skip the service or use workarounds like account purchases or using virtual phone numbers.

Buying an account is impracticable: it’s hard to find the real ones, and you can get this Coinbase account banned. Creating a profile using a virtual mobile number is better — the application won’t find out anything, the procedure is untraceable. Virtual numbers work like regular ones but don’t require a SIM or physical device.

Can I create a Coinbase account without a phone number?

Numerous websites suggest their virtual mobile numbers to rent for long periods or buy a one-time SMS message if you just need to sign up an account. They have various distinctions and prices, so check them before buying the numbers.

SMS-man is a cost-effective platform, offering to rent virtual numbers that last up to 3 months. If you just want to create Coinbase account, our one-time phone numbers can help you.

virtual phone number for Coinbase

Here is a step-by-step guideline on how to get one:

  1. Visit and register with your email address;
  2. Add money from the “top up my balance” page and wait for it to be deposited;
  3. So, now go back to the home page and select the country and “Coinbase” service;
  4. Tap the “Buy” button next to the selected service to add the phone number to the “History” section;
  5. Copy the obtained phone number and use it to register your Coinbase account;
  6. Wait for the confirmation code and return to SMS-man to read it;
  7. To complete your registration, enter the code you have received.

So, you have created a new account without divulging any of your personal details. You can also register anonymously on other cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.

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