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Make a New Naver Account without a Phone Number

Naver Account without a Phone Number

What is Naver? Naver is a South Korean web portal with a search engine function. Being the most popular search engine in Korea, it offers a unique insight into the Korean way of life. The specialized search categories, like news, stock, café or real estate help speed up the process. The in-built mail and blog features make the experience even more comfortable, creating a full package of online activities.

The Naver search engine isn’t specific to Korea: people from other countries can register and enjoy the features. The user experience is tailored to Koreans, with Korean activities, news, blog posts, and locations given preference in search results. Members can still use it to access any non-Korean websites. It is an open search engine. However, to use most Naver features, one needs an account.

Make a New Naver Account without a Phone Number

Naver vs. Google — Сomparison of Two Services

Naver is a service that combines a web portal and a search engine. It lets users express themselves while maintaining an open doorway into the wider Internet – all under one URL. It was unique when Naver launched in 1999, but Google adopted similar features later in life, becoming an all-encompassing online service with mail, search functions, news, data storage, etc.

naver futures

It’s similar to Naver’s approach, but the latter is very unique. It often acts like a social media website, unlike classic search engines such as Google. So, what is Naver doing differently?

  • Naver members interact openly as blog participants, news publishers, and others.
  • Naver provides directions to specific search categories based on popular, trending topics.
  • It offers integrated features for managing money, shopping, mail, etc.

Because this Korean provider acts as social media, it puts a special focus on user-created content and individualized categories. Google is a broad-spectrum solution. There isn’t an emphasis on anything: users do whatever without much direction. This approach isn’t necessarily “superior,” but certain participants find the Naver app more suitable to their needs. It is a different, user-friendly experience.

Registering on Naver opens doors to various services, features, and activities: a single account on a single website with countless possibilities. Google is different. It’s also one account eligible for numerous services hosted by one company. They aren’t as integrated, though. With Naver, switching between mail and news is just a click away.

Naver account registration — Introduction

But what is Naver like during registration? To use Naver, a would-be participant needs to submit several pieces of private information during registration. Naver never double-checks stuff like names and dates of birth. An active phone number is also a necessary requirement, creating a Naver account without a number is impossible.

You can create a functional account without using a personal number, though. Finding a spare/fake number isn’t as easy as making up names and dates, but it’s manageable. If you want to create a new Naver account or avoid sharing a private number, you can use a virtual number.

Regardless, sharing a private number you actively use with apps, companies, and businesses is risky and unnecessary. Some services have core features that require this info, but most demand it for identity verification. Users benefit nothing from providing an actual number they use. Getting a virtual number for the Naver app is really an easy decision.

How to create a Naver account using a virtual phone number?

Virtual numbers exist in the cloud. They function like regular numbers on a SIM card, but with some limitations. For example, you can receive a text message, but without the ability to send it or make a call. This means that virtual numbers are ideal for registration purposes. It’s a cheap, quick and convenient way to set up personal accounts without losing anything.

SMS-man offers virtual numbers in various countries with the possibility to receive SMS messages, sufficient for registering Naver accounts. It’s quick, very cheap (<$1) and gets you results.

virtual phone number for Naver

To purchase a virtual number, follow these instructions:

  1. Join using your email or social media account;
  2. Make deposit by going to “Refill my account” page, located in the menu on the left side;
  3. Choose the country of your phone number and “Naver” service, then click on “Buy” button next to it;
  4. Wait until the system adds it to the “History” section at the end of the main page;
  5. Copy it, use it to register your Naver account.
  6. At the verification stage, go back to SMS-man and click on “get SMS” to see the code;
  7. Complete the account creation process by entering it in the special area.

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