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How to Sign Up for Azure Account without Mobile Number

what is Azure

Cloud computing services have been popular among internet users for many years. These services are widely used to complete different tasks, including advertising and business. But despite their usefulness, there are still many those who don’t know what is Azure, which is one of the most popular projects in this industry. They would like to fill that gap. On the other hand, people who are already familiar with this platform, often want to sign up for an account on it without a mobile number. There is nothing difficult about both of mentioned things. We will give answers to all possible questions regarding them.

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What is Azure?

Azure is a cloud computing service. It provides users with the opportunity to manage applications via data centers. Microsoft is the owner of this service. The main features that it offers to people are software, platform, and infrastructure as services. To say more, it supports numerous programming languages along with multiple tools and environments, including some third-party products.

However, the most important thing about is that its operation is based on large-scale virtualization in data centers that are located all over the world. Because of this, an Azure account gives access to over six hundred various services in the following niches:

  • Computer;
  • Mobile;
  • Storage;
  • Communication;
  • Media and others.

Azure is also often used in serverless computing architectures. Customers can use its solutions to run code as an event-driven function as a service without having to manage underlying server resources.

Sign up for Azure without a phone number

There are two registration methods available on Azure. It can be done with an email address or mobile phone number. So, those who decide to register using their email address may think that it is absolutely unnecessary to verify their phone number. But it is not. Even if signing up with an email address, once it is verified, there appears a form for entering some other data, including a number. This step is not skippable in any way. Moreover, it must be verified with a verification code. The code is sent to the user via phone call or SMS. Thereby, a mobile phone number must be valid and active.

Summing up the above, using a phone number is mandatory for Azure app registration. But not being available to use your personal number for this purpose is not a problem. You can use a temporary phone number instead. The main purpose of this feature is exactly receiving verification codes from different web platforms. It allows registering with any website or app in a few clicks.

How to create Azure account using a temporary number?

You do not need to execute difficult actions in order to complete that task. SMS-Man provides every internet user with the opportunity to make an account on one of the most popular cloud services in the world just by completing a bunch of simple steps. Here are these steps:

1. Proceed to and register a profile through a simple registration form.

SMS-Man sign up

2. Utilize the preferred payment option to refill the balance.

SMS-Man payment

3. Select the country dialing code and find “microsoftazure” among other supported platforms on the homepage.

SMS-Man number purchase

4. Tap on the appropriate button to buy a number.

5. Enter it on the form that pops up when trying to create Azure account and request a verification code via SMS.

The final step is to press “Get SMS”. You can find this button next to your temporary phone number on the main page of the service. There will appear a verification code from SMS. Use this code to verify your phone number, fill in the remaining fields, and create an account.

So, in this article, we explained what is Azure and how to sign up for this cloud computing service without a mobile number. Actually, such a feature as a temporary phone number is suitable for use in the same way with any website or app. It is only necessary to choose the right platform for the system to configure it for use before purchasing one.

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