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API: Request number at SMS-Man


Last time I wrote about our API. Today we will find out how to request number for registration. It is very easy.

API request form

You can recognize form of request, because its structure formalized and host is static.

But today we have to put in request some new parameters which I will show you how to choose below.

Country ID

By clicking “display” in column Value, we will see list of countries with their IDs.

ID – number of country, which located in system. Like an alternative name in some unknown language.

Let’s choose USA with ID = 5.

Application ID

Like a country, apps and services has ID too. Let’s choose Telegram with ID = 3.

Requesting number with API

Now we again go to blang page and making URL with app ID, country ID and your API-key.

That is how we got number which can be used for sign up in Telegram from USA. Further I will show you how we can get SMS. Also you can check our YouTube channel to find new API videos!


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