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How to use our API: introduction


Not every user of Internet knows, how servers communicate each other. And of course our servers communicating with others too. For that we made API – application programming interface, that allows other services to take our numbers.

Also it is responded for showing prices on website, updating balance, buying numbers and receiving SMS. In new series of articles we will show you, how our API can be used!

API Request: glossarium

Every user should know terminology that commonly used in that sphere. Let’s write out the main things:

  • API – application programming interface, system, that allows servers to communicate
  • Request – like a phrase, that server send to server to give info
  • GET – type of request, that made to get some information
  • POST – type of request, that made to give some information
  • Host – server, which accepts requests
  • Token or Key – individual value, identificator of user.

It will be enough at first time. Let’s check how our protocol can be used.

Requesting balance

At first we have to do all preparations:

  1. Sign up at SMS-Man. 
  2. Go to your profile and find API-key.
  3. That key will be used to speak to our server. Let’s go and find request samples.
  4. Then go to blank page and copy sample request, changing $token to your key.
  5. After tapping enter, you will see your balance in rubles.

So easy and useful! In further articles I will show, how to use API for making your own SMS-receiving software.

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