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Copywriter? We need your article!


Freelance is a good niche to work, but nowadays it has lots of advantages and disadvantages. This article made for copywriter who has expirience of making corporative articles and guest posts. Below you will see all conditions.

Whom we are searching?

Copywriter – is not literally man, who copy and write. You have to understand at first topic of article, at second – SEO preferences. Keywords, LCI, metadescription — we want you not to ask about this words. Also you have to be advanced PC user and have a knowledge about VPN, OTP SMS, cybersecurity, special software like Proxyfier or Android emulators.

It is necessary to candidate who will write for us about technologies in web, apps that can be signed up using our service and so on. It’s easier to write article when you understand difficulties of topic.

Additionally, you have to be polite, serious and trustworthy. These traits is necessary to us, because on it depends quality of our partnership.

What will copywriter get?

Our service provided referral program which allows you to get money passive with your articles.

It works easy:

  • You write article with your affilate link.
  • Reader find article by using search system, click your link to reach our website.
  • Reader becomes our user. System remember that he came from your link and then all depends on his activity.
  • You will get 3% of all spendings of your referrals on our platform. For example, this guy made 2 articles for our blog and got 200$ for a month. He spent 4 hours on that articles. Imagine if he wrote 200 articles!

How many articles do we want?

Blog is not forum.

Here should be only well done articles which will have demand even after year of publication. Also your salary depends on amount of readers daily, so you don’t really need 10 guys to read 1000 articles. You need 1000 guys to read 10.

What profit will you get?

Affilate program allows you to get money for lifetime. With good SEO and readability of your articles you will get readers more and more with time. Let’s check how does it work:

  1. For example, you write 1 article with good SEO, highly rated keywords with low concurence.
  2. That article being shown in search.
  3. For example, 100 people a day reach your article.
  4. Let it be that 10 of them become your referrals with your link.
  5. Every of that guys spend 5$ daily on numbers. It is 50$ spending.
  6. You get 1.5$ on balance per day.
  7. Article indexes in search and amount of readers multiplies by 2 per day (optimistic, but it is possible!)
  8. 3$ in second day, then 6$, 12$ and so on. That means you can get more than 1000$ monthly after one-time activity!

That’s why I call our partnership by passive earning. To be honest, I’ll give you real example how you can earn huge cash with articles.

How to become our copywriter?

It is both the easiest and hardest part of topic.

To become our writer you have to:

  1. Write us in TG, website, YouTube. All contacts you can find here.
  2. After short interview you will get test task to complete. I recommend you to do it full seriously.
  3. In case you suit us, you will get account at our platform, affilate link and content plan (or opportunity to choose it yourself).

We are waiting for you!

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