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Zoho Mail: sign up without phone number



Zoho Mail is an online platform for corporate business mail and batch mailing. The cheapest subscription will cost $ 1 per user per month.

Up to 5 users can use one account. In total, the team may send 50 emails per day with a maximum attached file size of up to 25 MB.

Zoho Mail features an intuitive interface with minimal storage space. The incoming message technology is noticeably losing Microsoft Office, but for an active start, Zoho will be an excellent choice.

What else can Zoho boast of? An excellent overview of business applications that use both server programs and various client programs.


Zoho closely connect with various client products. The user can access the knowledge library by connecting the Zoho One level.

How to register in Zoho?

Registration will not take much time. Create a personal account and add several users at will, all of you will be able to use one account. It is also allowed to link a personal domain with Zoho.com mail. You will have to wait about 2 days for confirmation.

It is worth noting that Zoho pays special attention to the personal mail service and its users. Several thoughtful innovations fundamentally distinguish this resource from other similar ones.

One of the most interesting functions – Streams. You can include individual mentions and threads that will not distract you during the work.


Calendars, tasks and notes are functioning well in Zoho mail in Russian. Notes are somewhat similar to Post-it Notes, but according to advanced users, this function is just a little damp and requires major revision.

Tools in mail Zoho ru, adapted for collaboration

There have already been repeated complaints that the online platform for the exchange of electronic messages is not sufficiently equipped with tools for collaboration. There is a full-fledged office suite available in Zoho Docs. It offers a Cliq that performs the functions of a team chat application. Zoho Docs allows multiple users to work simultaneously online on the same document.

Important: despite the fact that many applications in mail Zoho com are well adapted to each other and quickly integrated, they are also separate developments. Zoho offers users more than 30 business-level developments. Not only cooperation, but also financial issues, project management, marketing, sales, vertical software for user solutions, IT project management.

Any application can be purchased separately or in the format of a package offer. Analyze which messengers you will use in the future, so as not to overpay for unnecessary projects.

Security and privacy in the free version of Zoho Mail Tools in mail Zoho ru, adapted for collaboration

The entrance to Zoho mail is absolutely safe. The anti-spam functions are at a high level. Sometimes by mistake, the service sends important emails to Spam, so this issue needs to be carefully monitored.

In general, the service accurately identifies incoming messages and sorts them into categories: notifications, spam, newsletters and regular emails. In general, I would like to see a warning about clicking on a suspicious link.

It is worth noting that with Zoho mail, you can be sure that personal data will not be accessed by third parties. The service can get access to confidential information, but only in case of legal disputes or other disputable situations, when such a decision is vital.

Zoho always emphasizes that even Zoho employees do not have access to customer information. To gain access to classified data, it is necessary to comply with certain protocols and have a special status.

Zoho Mail warns users about the current security policy. The company uses several precautions that work at the network and physical level.

The current rules comply with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 and SOC 2. Using Zoho is also as safe as Google Business or Microsoft Office Premium.

Zoho Mail: let’s talk about integration


ZM is generally an independent platform, most likely due to the huge variety of applications among which the user can choose the appropriate package. It allows you to choose external integration settings, apps programming interface, special mobile apps.

Platform syncs perfectly with Dropbox and similar products. In fact, you can create emails with attachments that will be imported directly from Dropbox. Also in the Zoho Marketplace, you can find something interesting. Try to download and install it on your device.

By the way, you can use a virtual mobile number, not a real one, to register in the mail. For a small fee, you can receive and send SMS packages. Also you may sign up on various resources and enjoy many other advantages.You can also get a number for free in the Telegram channel.


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