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How can I restore my WeChat account?

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Despite the abundance of messengers and various social networks, many new players are confidently gaining leading positions. One of them was the messenger from China WeChat. Despite the fact that it is not difficult to use it, users constantly have a question-how to restore WeChat?

Most often, users forget their username or lose their password. In this case, it becomes impossible to log in to your personal account.

мессенджер из Китая WeChat

Do not be sad, because there is also a solution to such a problem. We have prepared a useful review, from which the user will be able to extract a lot of useful knowledge.

Even if you have a phenomenal memory, information on how to restore a password in WeChat will not be superfluous. You may be able to help a friend or mom unlock access to the main or backup account.

How can I restore my account in WeChat?

Как в WeChat восстановить аккаунт

You can activate access via social networks or a phone number. By the way, it is not necessary to use your real phone number to register in any social network, virtual numbers successfully replace them. With a virtual number, you can receive and send SMS messages in batches, register on various platforms and at the same time not show your personal phone number anywhere on the network.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

It won’t take long to restore WeChat. The user must enter a username and password. The most successful combinations are those that contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and various symbols.

Восстановление WeChat

Some people go too far in the pursuit of security: they came up with a super-PIN, did not fix it, the phone turned off or glitched, it is impossible to enter WeChat. And then the thought “How to restore an account in WeChat” itself knocks on my head.

Put aside the panic, because there are several ways to do this:

  1. Using a mobile phone. At the time of registration, the user binds a personal account to a phone number. To restore the password, you need to make a request. After the request, an SMS with an access code is sent to the phone. It should be entered in a special field.
  2. To recover your password in WeChat, use email. If you entered an e-mail during registration, it must be reported to support. A message with a link inside will be sent to the specified email address. Click on the link and voila, you are already inside the application.
  3. Use the ID code. It is linked to the profile during registration. You will need to enter it in a special field.

How can I restore a conversation in WeChat on my phone?

Как восстановить переписку в ВиЧате на телефоне

To restore your account, follow the following algorithm:

  • Launch the application.
  • Click on the “Forgot password ” command.
  • Choose a convenient method to restore the WeChat if you forgot your password.
  • Get a recommendation or a hint from the system.
  • Come up with a new complex password, enter it and secure it.

If you have followed the correct algorithm of actions, you will be able to log in to your personal WeChat account in a few minutes. If something does not work with the selected method, take any other recovery method to work. The majority of users register the application on a Chinese SIM card, since it is in China that it is most in demand.

While in another country, where the SIM card may be unavailable, the user will log out of the account and then look for how to restore the account in WeChat. That is why we recommend registering with a link to a personal email. If none of the methods gave positive results, you will have to delete the messenger and install it again.

How can I restore the correspondence and link the account to another phone number?

Как восстановить переписку в ВиЧате, и привязать аккаунт к другому номеру телефона

Each phone number can be registered in the messenger once. To register a new account to your number, you should unlink the phone from the previous account. If your WeChat is not linked to an email, not to an ID code, but to a phone, then you will no longer be able to log in to your account.

Study the rules of using the application so that you don’t think later: “Is it possible to restore WeChat correspondence in a personal chat or not?”Fix your username and password in an inaccessible place so that you can, if necessary, raise records, restore your account and view important correspondence history.

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