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Why does eBay block account?



Blocking eBay can happen for various reasons, and this is always an inconvenience, and sometimes a loss for the user. If the account is blocked, you can not buy or sell goods, leave feedback to the seller, create and edit ads, communicate with auction participants. In general, if eBay has banned an account, you either have to wait for unblocking, or solve this problem in a different way (as we will tell you below).

Why does eBay block accounts

But first we will tell you about what eBay is blocking for and how not to get under the hot hand of an automated system.

Why ebay blocks accounts: the main reasons

  1. You have added a blocked address to your account. If an email has been added to your account at least once, it is permanently stored in the system. Such accounts are blocked automatically or after another user has filed a complaint against you.
  2. You have one IP address for several accounts. In the case of a total check, the ebay block will affect all your accounts on one IP address. Go to accounts via different IP addresses and sleep peacefully.
  3. Other sellers or buyers have told on you. If there are few feedbacks on the account (less than 500), the administration can restrict sales or temporarily ban them.

Other reasons to get ban

  1. You have one PayPal for several accounts. And be sure, the PayPal account will also fall under the distribution in case of problems on Ebay. Therefore, at least do not tie the lots to PayPal tightly.
  2. You are too active at the auction. Therefore, do not shove everything and immediately for sale, but divide the product into parts and set it according to the top hours (when the target audience is most active).
  3. You have changed something in your account. If you have less than 500 feeds, purchases/sales are rare, a dynamic IP address, and at the same time you decided to change something in your account, blocking your Ebay account is quite likely (but not a fact).
  4. They made bets to themselves. This is a terrible sin on the Ebei, for which you always have to pay. The auction police are not asleep, they will definitely figure it out and punish it. He will punish you severely.
  5. You are engaged in copy-paste. In other words, you borrow the description and photos of products from other sellers. For this, you risk getting blocked by Ebay, because most likely the affected party will complain about you.
  6. You wind up the feedback-and. Earning feeds honestly is long and tedious, so some smart users buy 100 products at a price of $1 per piece and get an accelerated rating breakthrough. But if after that you risk selling a dubious product from this acc, with a 99% probability it will be blocked.
  7. We opened a second account for ourselves. To your full name and phone number. An obvious stupidity that will certainly be punished by blocking.

How to bypass the ban on Ebay

Unlocking Ebay is a long process. Full information about why you were blocked and how to fix everything is contained in a letter from the service administration, which you will receive by e-mail. In most cases, everything is solved by a one-time payment (fees or refund of the amount to the buyer). But sometimes users are required to confirm their personal data and make scanned copies of documents.

You can go the easy way – register a second account (or even several) by buying a virtual phone number on sms-man.com. The cost of such a number is only $0.5, while you can choose the country of the operator yourself.You can also rent a virtual number for a specified period, with its help you can repeatedly receive SMS, and create accounts on various sites.

But do not forget to use a VPN, so as not to run into a block again.

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