Registering on the Wolt food app without a phone number
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Wolt food delivery service: registration without a phone number

create Wolt account

Food delivery services are popular in any season of the year. Sometimes there is just no free time to go to the restaurant. These days people might take advantage of this opportunity with many online services. One of them is Wolt. This app allows users to locate and order the greatest meals in their area. This is pretty easy due to its user-friendly design and absence of useless functions. It is also available for download on both iOS and Android mobile devices. But how can anyone create Wolt account without a phone number?

What is Wolt?

Wolt is one of the most popular food delivery apps in the world right now. Its main advantage is simplicity. Placing an order with it is really easy. You just need to select a restaurant on a virtual map, choose dishes to get, and provide an address for delivery. Most often delivery doesn’t take longer than half an hour. This app has even received special recognition from Apple for its quick and high-quality service. But some people face difficulties when trying to use it. This is because Wolt registration includes mandatory phone number verification.

You must provide and verify your personal mobile number when signing up for an account on this app. Many consumers are hesitant to disclose their personal information to different online services because there is always a possibility of data leakage. Others abandoned their mobile phones a long time ago and no longer use them. Registration is difficult for both. However, virtual numbers make it simple to fix this problem. You can use them to sign up for practically any major website or app on the internet. Let’s look more closely at how to do this with Wolt.

Wolt food delivery service

Where can I get a virtual phone number for Wolt?

It’s challenging to find a website that provides good virtual numbers to sign up for Wolt. But yet possible. You are on one of them right now. SMS-Man is one of these few online services that offer such an opportunity. You can use it to purchase virtual phone numbers not only for Wolt but also for other delivery apps such as Foodpanda, Careem, Deliveroo, and others.

The primary benefit of our platform is the inexpensive cost of the virtual number for Wolt phone verification in comparison to other platforms of a similar nature. Using it for this purpose costs users only $0.25. You can also get it for free to say more. It is possible with our channel on Telegram. Constant online assistance and a long list of countries for cellular carriers to choose from are further advantages.

How to create Wolt account using a virtual number?

Completing this task is not difficult at all. The whole process consists of a few steps. Most of them are similar to those when signing up for any other online service while others are easy to understand. Here is what exactly is required to do:

1. Install the Wolt app by downloading it from Google Play or App Store.

2. Fill out the required fields and proceed to the step when it is required to provide a mobile phone number.

3. Quickly register on

4. Fund your account with an appropriate payment method.

5. Select issuing country of the virtual phone number and Wolt on the homepage, then click “Buy”.

6. Paste the received virtual number on the registration form in the app.

7. Get a verification code and use it to create an account.

This is how to successfully create Wolt account without a phone number. You can start using and placing orders on one of the most popular food delivery apps right now.

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