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Soul app: make dating account without a phone number

Soul dating app

There are millions of people who prefer to meet new people online more than in real life. There are a lot of websites and apps for this purpose. However, even though the choice is wide, most people keep using Tinder and don’t know about other good projects. Soul dating app, for instance. This service appeared on the market in 2019 and since then attracted more than 1 million users worldwide. Want to join their company but don’t have a mobile phone number? You can easily create an account on this app without it.

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Soul app: what is it?

When checking for the first time, Soul may appear to be just like any other dating app. But that’s not entirely true. Of course, it provides the most fundamental capabilities, like video calls, voice messages, and chats. This is necessary for any contemporary app of this kind. The thing that really matters, in this case, is that it caters to Gen-Z. The main principle of the Soul dating app is to permit individuals to communicate freely. themselves without getting judged. It is promoting healing, understanding, and tolerance for people from various cultural origins. Other distinguishing features of this are presented by:

  • Soul planet. Find or match with someone in the Souler Galaxy to share moments.
  • Virtual party. Utilize audio and video conferencing to communicate with people from all around the world’s diverse cultures.
  • Soul quiz. Take enjoyable quizzes to find out more about yourself and make friends with individuals who scored similarly.

So what is the Soul app at the moment? Summing up the above, it is a great place for people who want to share what’s on their mind with others and be understood. You can find many like-minded people there. But how can anyone register with it a profile using no mobile phone number? The answer is below.

How to sign up for the Soul dating app without a phone number?

Don’t mobile phone number or want to keep it a secret? No problem. You can always complete account registration with a virtual number. This feature allows everyone to get the necessary verification code without actually having a phone number. Moreover, all the steps are taken online so it is not only an effective but also a convenient solution. It is possible to take advantage of it with our service and here is how to do this:

1. Open the website and create a new account in the appropriate way.

2. Select one of the available payment methods on the payment page and use it to replenish your balance.

3. On the homepage of the service choose the country of cellular provider and search for Soul among other projects. You will see the buy button next to the name of the app. Click on this button to get a virtual phone number.

Half the task is done. Now it is only about using the received number for creating a Soul account and start enjoying the app. There is nothing complicated in this process since such a number works like a regular one.

Bypassing verification with a virtual number

The first step is easy. You just need to download the Soul app on your mobile phone. It is available for both Android and iOS operating systems so simply search for it in your app store. Once done with this, do the following:

1. Start registration on the app and provide a previously received virtual phone number as a verification method.

2. Get a verification code on SMS-Man by clicking “Get SMS”.

3. Create a dating account with this code.

Nothing more left to do at this point. Your account is ready to use the app. It was created without using a personal phone number as required. Have a good time meeting new people!

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