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How to register account without a phone number

How to register Mail account

Information about the company Email

Email is an Internet portal that is popular among the Russian-speaking population. is widely used in Russia and CIS countries. The project belongs to VK, which is also a social network.

Mail ru originates from 1998, when it was decided to create a virtual postal service. The developers of this service were based on the example of Yahoo!. Since 2012, the company began its expansion and by 2016 had more than 54.9 million users. According to Alexa magazine, in 2022 the company ranked fifth in Russia and 58th in popularity in the world. Such results were achieved thanks to an active and purposeful team that developed an individual design for the virtual service and a bunch of additional functions that simplify the user’s use of mail.

Development of Mail

Subsequently, Mail ru began actively creating new projects such as news bulletins, “mail for children” and a blog. All this has made this company one of the most popular in the market with a huge number of users around the world. Every year the company develops and gains momentum. The company’s headquarters is located in Moscow, where thousands of employees work to improve the service and edit it. Every self-respecting man should have an account in this service, so in this article we will tell you how to quickly and easily register in Mail ru.

Creating an Email account

There are many easy ways to create an account, but in this article you will learn how to create a new profile without registering a phone number. Registration without a phone number has a number of advantages. This will eliminate the possibility of using your phone number by fraudsters, or if you do not have access to the phone – this is a great solution to the problem! So, for this we will need to use the services of the sms man service.

The method is very simple:

  1. Download the Mail application to your iOS or Android operating system.
  2. Open the application and select “Registration”.
  3. We are offered a large number of ways to register, we are interested in “Enter phone or email”.
  4. A field for entering a phone number appears.
  5. We turn off Mail for a while and go to the sms-man website.registration form smsman
  6. We pass a simple registration on sms-man, which you will spend less than a minute on.
  7. Go to the main page and select the “Payment” item in the top menu of the site. Replenishment of the sms-man accountSMS man payments
  8. We replenish the account in a convenient way.Find and buy number
  9. Go to the main page and select the “Mail” service.
  10. Select the number and confirm receipt.
  11. Copy it in your personal account and paste it into the registration field in the Mail application.
  12. Go back to the sms-man and click on the “Get sms” button.
  13. Copy the code and paste it in the Mail application.

By creating an account, you can use all the services of the service. You will be able to send e-mails, files, photos and other documents. You can create folders, store information on an electronic disk and share it with your work colleagues and friends. We recommend you to use the Mail service because it is very easy and convenient. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, we wish you success.


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