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Wickr: new word in private messengers community

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Nowadays people become smarter about the question of privacy and anonymity. So every smart person wants to save his personal information and messages in his own hands. Wickr is a new word in the world of privacy.

On the main page, we can see information about adding Wickr to AWS infrastructure that increases the reliability of service. We can use it fluently.

Why you should use Wickr?

In the modern world of information, you should twice care about the privacy and the safety of your personal data. That’s why you have to look at how to protect your data in messengers first. So, you have to decide what messenger you should use to keep your messages from screening. Wickr is the best solution in this case. Double encryption, full deleting after a week — these options make Wickr seem the best anonymous chat in the world. Forget about Telegram with fake encrypted chat, you can have better options here.

Is it free to use?

Wickr, like all AWS products, can be used both for free and with a subscription. I prefer to use the Wickr Me app, it is free to download and use, has a nice design and takes not so much traffic. You can forget about proxy and VPN with that app (if you are not in China, of course) and have private talks about everything with everyone.

How to use Wickr for free?

Let’s check how to sign up for Wickr and use it instead of Signal or Telegram.

Firstly, let’s download apps on your system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS are supported).

After downloading, install the app with all instructions in install wizard

The app will ask you to enter your mailbox and verify it, do all steps

Then the app will ask you to write your phone number. How can we do that if we don’t have a free phone number or don’t want to use our own number?

How to get a fake phone number for Wickr?

Let’s use SMS-Man. Here you can buy virtual and real phone numbers from all countries to use every app (or you can ask support to add needed services).

After a simple sign up and top up balance, go to the main page:

Here you will see a list of countries and apps you can buy. Choose a suitable country and find Wickr in services, then click Buy:

After buying, the number will be shown in the header:

Copy that and enter it in the app:

After entering, the app will send an SMS to our number. Return to the website of SMS-Man and click Get SMS, it will be shown below number:

After that step, you can use Wickr fluently. The account is ready, the app works, Wickrbot congrats us on signing up:

It cost only $0.34 for SMS, but that money allows us to use the best messenger in the question of privacy. In our blog you can find every app guide you need, on YouTube, you can check video guides. Welcome!

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