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How to sign up for Zoosk without a phone number

Zoosk account

Zoosk account is one of the guides to the world of online dating. Some will say that nothing ever going to replace Tinder and there is no need for anything else. They will be right and wrong at the same time. There is not really much difference between all those services. But most often all of them are used by completely different users. So switching from one to another is a good way to get to know new people. The only issue with this is that sometimes registration becomes difficult because of mobile number verification. Here is what to do to fix this issue.

Zoosk mobile app

Features of Zoosk account

Zoosk is a well-known online dating service. It has greatly expanded since its foundation in 2007 showing that users really like it. Right now it is available in more than 25 languages and presented in over 80 countries. Moreover, it is available not only for Android and iOS. You can also enjoy its features through a desktop chat client. This is pretty convenient and useful because sometimes there is just no opportunity to use a mobile phone.

So, basically, Zoosk accounts provide users with all features available on the service. Those include text messages, voice chats, and video calls. However, that’s obviously not all. Users of the service also have access to such features as:

  • Carousel matches;
  • Profile boosts and upgrades;
  • Gifts.

It is definitely a complete product. You can find there everything required for having a good time meeting new people. But yet, how can anyone avoid using a personal phone number when signing up for this service? There are a lot of cases when it might become unavailable for this purpose. In addition, many people just don’t like disclosing their personal data on the internet, especially when it comes to signing up for dating services which are known for regular data leaks. The solution is actually very simple.

How to receive a Zoosk verification code without a phone number?

Going through the mobile phone number verification thing is mandatory when signing up for an account on this dating service. It is not necessary to get upset though if somehow it is impossible to do this with your own phone number. Simply use a temporary number in its place. Such a number is created especially for those who need to get a verification code from a certain online service but are unable to do it with the resources they have on hand.

Even if the intention is to use the temporary phone number to open a Zoosk account, getting one is not difficult. SMS-Man provides an opportunity to take advantage of this feature over the internet. It means that, basically, this is available to everyone. Everything that it takes is to make a few clicks on the internet. They are below.

How to acquire a temporary phone number for Zoosk?

You are not required to have a piece of special knowledge in order to perform this task. Just follow the next steps and you will see that it is really simple:

1. Register on and log in.

2. Refill the balance of the account with an appropriate amount of funds using a convenient payment option.

3. Choose the country from where a temporary number should be issued on the homepage.

4. Find sign up for Zoosk feature among other options down the page.

5. Get a temporary number.

You are now ready to become a Zoosk member. Your new number is fully available for this purpose. Everything there to do is to put it on the registration page and send a verification code. Once done with it, open our website again and find a button for revealing code. It says “Get SMS”. Click this button and use obtained code to finish registration. This is how to sign up for a Zoosk account without a phone number.

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