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Buy one-time phone number for texting | virtual number

one time phone number

One time phone number is a relatively new yet well-liked service. It serves as a communication tool. The main purpose of this tool is the creation of accounts on websites and apps that require or provide an opportunity to complete verification via SMS. There is not much difference between them and real numbers in terms of operation. They also executed on a physical carrier. The only difference is that lifespan of such numbers is limited. This peculiarity makes them pretty inexpensive. This is why they are in demand among both businesses and those who care about their privacy on the web. Here is how you can take advantage of them too.

What is the purpose of a one time number?

There are numerous reasons for using these numbers. Even while the general direction might be the same, the goal is different. For example, some people use them to create multiple accounts on social networks and then run marketing or promotional campaign with them. Others would like to use discounts for newcomers multiple times on certain online shops. One time phone number suits any task that ends up with registration on one or other online service as an end step. With that said, it is possible to use them in order to:

  • Create email mailboxes;
  • Complete verification via SMS privately and securely;
  • Run advertising campaigns with multiple profiles;
  • Browse social networks anonymously;
  • Send mass mailings.

There are many use cases. We don’t recommend using it in order to connect bank cards or conduct transactions for other banking products though. Most often it is necessary to confirm every transaction with a new verification code. So, since it has been already used for registration, there will be no way to use it once again as it can receive only one SMS.

Benefits of a one time phone number

Nowadays there are hundreds of mobile operators available. There are also dozens of mobile phones available with various functionalities. However, throwaway numbers are not only still in use but also gaining more popularity every day. People are doing this for a variety of reasons:

  • Complete privacy. Every physical SIM card is connected to a particular individual. Most often its registration is based on the data in the passport which is not necessary to provide to get and use disposable phone numbers. They are autonomous and given to the user automatically.
  • Registration on any online service. Every website and app has a database that might be accessed by outside parties for their own gain. There would be no way to undo the effects. Such numbers help users to stay out of this risky predicament.
  • Zero spam. We receive various promotional notifications and emails every day. Basically, every company that has your mobile phone number will at least once use it for marketing purposes. They can also sell the data to other companies. A disposable phone number for verification is supposed to receive only text messages and only for registration.
  • Geographical constraints are no longer an issue. Some online services might apply limitations to consumers in certain countries. Users are able to get a disposable number in any country and thereby bypass those limitations.
  • Creation of unlimited accounts. Doing this with these numbers is way faster and more convenient than with physical SIM cards. You might forget about making a significant financial commitment because this process doesn’t take very long.

The list of benefits is really wide and has options to choose from. Want to benefit from this feature too? See below where to do this then.

How to get a one time phone number for verification?

It is not a problem with the current state of technology. SMS-Man offers such an opportunity to everyone. However, besides that it is available for everyone, the platform also ensures that users will pay the least amount possible for this solution In most cases the cost of getting on one time phone number for verification text message is around $0.20-0.50. This is pretty cheap in comparison to other similar platforms on the internet.

You only need to complete a simple registration at the website. Then you will get access to all available solutions. Moreover, this SMS activation service has been available on the market for a while. It has a history of being a trustworthy supplier and distributor of single numbers. You have already persuaded yourself that the service is of high caliber.

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