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Buy one-time phone number for texting | virtual number

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One-time registration phone number is a relatively new service, but one that is in demand. It has a communication nature. It helps to create accounts for any resource: online service or site, which requires sms confirmation. On our site there is an opportunity to buy a one-time phone number for sms registration for almost any service from just 4 rubles. What is virtual number?

The overall process, no different from the analogue, which is on a physical carrier. Except that the number has a shortened life span. The resource is not as large, but the price, very low, from 4 rubles per number. One-time phone number for registration is at the pinnacle of corporate and information security. It works in a one-time operation mode. You will not be able to receive a call, but it is ideal for registration on a social networking site or messenger application.

Single phone number for registration, what is it used for

Each of the users of a disposable number, as usual, has its own private request for its use. The direction may be the same, but the goals are different. Someone needs to organize an advertising campaign or marketing strategy, someone needs to activate a bonus card. A one-time phone number for registration is just the thing that helps you get registered for the end goal.

If you have no desire to get caught by crooks, or avoid permanent spam after performing similar manipulations, then mobile number for receiving sms from “Sms-man” service is what you need.

Complete a short registration. Top up your balance. Use virtual numbers. In turn, “Sms-man” service will guarantee that numbers are protected from spam. The reason for this is one, one-time registration phone number is removed from the database as soon as you finish using it.

Разовый номер

Single phone number, areas of application

A huge number of private cases where a virtual number finds its use, meet on the way of every user. Know that such a service, 100% ensures your anonymity. Privacy settings are certainly good, but only a one-time phone number for registration has this level of effectiveness. Rest assured that there is no surveillance on the Internet, scammers will not be able to do any damage. Here are just a few examples of using your mobile number to receive texts.

  • Create electronic mailboxes;
  • Confidently go through sms activation with sms;
  • Use multiple profiles on ad boards at once;
  • Use anonymous access to any forum or social network;
  • Register a whole network of accounts to start an advertising campaign and send out mass messages.

Important point. Don’t try to use a one-time phone number to link a bank card, or work with other banking products. Usually, every financial transaction requires an SMS confirmation. Using a one-time phone number for registration, you will not be able to get a confirmation code again. The only way out is to pay for a new phone number.

Виртуальный номер

One-time virtual phone number, the reason for its popularity

There are a large virtual number of cell phone operators in operation today. There is a variety of smartphones with different capabilities. But still, a mobile number for receiving SMS is used very often. There are several factors that push people to do this:

  1. The ability to hide one’s identity.

Ordinary SIM cards, are always tied to a specific person. More often than not, the registration takes place on passport data. A one-time phone number for registration can be obtained without providing any data at all. It is autonomous and subject to automatic issuance to the user.

2. It is possible to register at any service.
Even if the internet resource is popular with the visitors, it’s not worth to leave your cell phone number on it. Any site has a database, which can be used in the interests of third parties. The consequences will be irreversible. Want to avoid such a situation? Then a one-time phone number is definitely for you.

3. Spam mailings.
Alerts coming in daily. Which say about unique offers and all sorts of promotions. Every store where you’ve at least once left your phone number continues to use it for promotional purposes. Also, it may resell such data. A single phone number will allow you to ignore such moments.

4. Remove restrictions imposed because of geolocation.
Mobile operator can impose restrictions on a subscriber within a particular country. For example, being in the CIS, it will be impossible to register at the American exchange. One-time phone number for “Sms-man” service registration? will allow to bypass such limitation in a moment. The numbers of dozens of countries are used.

5. The need to conduct multiple registrations.
It happens that it is necessary to register many accounts. You can always try to use physical SIM cards. This would be very expensive and inconvenient. There is a second option – use mobile numbers to receive sms from the sms activation service. The process will not take much time, and you can forget about the large financial investment.

How to get a one-time virtual phone number to register for free

It is not possible to get a virtual number for free. However, using the service “Sms-man“, you get a guarantee of the lowest prices for such services. The price of a single phone number for registration starts at 4 rubles. And for the most part depends on the country number. In any case, each user of the service, can find exactly what he needs and buy a number at the right price.

Service SMS activation “Sms-man“, is on the market for several years. During its existence, it has always had the reputation of a reliable provider and provider of single numbers. You can evaluate the quality of delivered services right now.



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