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What are keywords and why do we need them?


To find something on the Internet, we enter words, combinations of words or phrases into a search engine. Through this, the search engine gives us the information we need. What are keywords? In fact, what we write in the search bar is the keyword. They are the sense of the text and if they are removed, it will lose its meaning.


Keyword match types

Copywriters apply several types of keyword match types (for example: “buy tickets to the theater in Tashkent”) in their texts:

  • Exact match – we put it into the article as it is, without changing anything. Example: “Where to buy the theater tickets in Tashkent? Open our guide to the city”.
  • Phrase match – keywords can be separated by punctuation marks (, : ; ; ?). Example: ” We offer the guests of the sunny capital to buy tickets to the theater. In Tashkent there is a wide range of interesting plays.”
  • Broad match modifier – adding a word or a phrase to the keyword. Example: “Want to buy tickets to the theater for a new play in Tahkent? Call at …..”.
  • Broad match – changing to a synonym, can be conjugated, inflected, changed by number and case. Example: “You can order tickets to our city’s theatrical performances on this site.”

There are also commercial intent keys. They indicate that this page sells a product or service. Consequently, keywords are associated with commerce:

  • price;
  • cost;
  • buy;
  • book;
  • order;
  • store;
  • delivery, etc.

Keyword frequency

There is a concept of keyword frequency.  It is based on the frequency of requests and is divided into:

  • High-frequency queries (HF) – are queries of one word of general meaning (for example: ticket)
  • Mid-frequency queries (MF) – a modified HF with more specific details (for for example, buy a ticket, tickets to the theater, tickets to the theater in Tashkent).
  • Low-frequency queries (LF) – modified mid-frequency queries with more expanded terms and details (e.g. buy theater tickets, buy theater tickets for the premiere).

How many and how to use the keywords

The number of keywords in the text depends on its volume. For example, if 8 keywords per 1000 characters is too much, then the same number of keywords per 8000 characters is good. At the same time, the number of keys in the text depends on whether it is a word or phrase. For example, 5 times of “buy tickets to the theater in Tashkent” in a text is a lot, but for the word “tickets” it is not enough.


Keywords should be placed equally throughout the text. Two similar keys should not be in adjacent sentences, should not be “spotty” only in one half of the text, leaving the second half empty.

Keys should be thematic (relevant), corresponding to the subject about which you write. In order for the text to be effective, the thematic keys should be paramount.

Place the keys correctly in the right places, then the search engine will easily find a link to your site.

It is important to put the keys in the title, subheadings, descriptions to the picture or photo. This will also increase the chance for search engine rankings and attention.

The text must remain clear, simple and readable, coherent and natural, not overloaded with keys, so that the reader does not “stumble” over them.

Let’s summarize: keywords are needed to help the search engine understand what the query is about, and also help users find the information they need. And to a site where keywords are used in the text, they give the opportunity to go higher in the search engine results.

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