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How to get Discord nitro for free

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Those who have been using the messenger Discord for a long time probably know about all its features and a number of disadvantages. For example, such as the minimum size of the sent file. In the free version, you can send a document or photo of no more than 8MB. But quite often, this is not enough, so the developers of the application have made a few options that will help expand the possibilities. Of course, they are not free, and so the question of how to get Discord nitro for free arises in many users.

How to get discord nitro

This advanced package offers:

  • Custom Discord Tag

When you register on the site, you specify a number of contact information: email address, phone number, name. If you have already used Discord, you have probably noticed that the user’s nickname consists of the name you specified during registration and the tag, which consists of four digits. They are assigned randomly, but after buying a subscription can change them to your liking. But as soon as the subscription runs out, the second part of the name is again picked up automatically by the system.

By the way, if you don’t want to specify your mobile number when registering, you can buy a virtual number on our website for only 0.26 cents

  • GIF avatar

By purchasing a subscription, users can “color” their account with an animated avatar.

  • High quality video during streaming

Discord stream

Subscription holders will be able to stream video in 4K resolution. But there is a small nuance here, not every Internet channel will be able to handle it.

What else does a subscription provide?

  • Boosts for your server


Advanced users will be pleased with the chip, which gives the opportunity to pump the community server to raise its level. In addition, the number of boosts has been almost halved. And now they need only 20 to rise to the next level.

  • Increased file size

With a regular subscription, users can exchange files that do not exceed 8MB in size, but those who decided to get Discord nitro can send documents up to 100MB.

  • Custom emoticons

Discord emoji

Discord Nitro allows you to use emoticons in private chats, as well as on any server. While without a signature, they can be inserted only in those services where they are downloaded.

And also everyone who decided to buy this subscription option, as a small gift are given a badge that shows how long registered in Discord.


Nitro Classic


This is also a paid subscription, but it has simpler features:

  • Streaming resolution does not exceed the 1080p mark;
  • The maximum size of the file to be sent is 50 MB.

How to Get Discord Nitro Free 2021

Unfortunately, you can’t become a happy Discord subscriber without paying a cent. At least not legally.

To use all the features of Discord nitro you need to pay $9.99 for a month or $99.99 for a year.

To purchase a subscription, follow the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to the main section of the messenger. And there find the button with the Discord icon, and then click Nitro.
  2. Go to the client settings and again find the Discord Nitro section.

Is it possible not to pay for Discord Nitro?

Despite the relatively low cost of the subscription, many users are still looking for how to get a subscription Discord nitro for free or at least cheaper. But the developers have tried to make the affordable version as functional as possible, it does not even have ads.

In addition, Discord was not created for nothing, but to make money, so do not naively believe that you will be offered full functionality for free.

Although, of course, you can find cracked versions on thematic forums. But let’s be honest, they often contain malicious code.

But, wondering how to get a free discord nitro subscription you can go to HypeSquard. You need to  answer a couple of questions and become a member. However, this does not guarantee a premium subscription. Although last New Year the developers have still made such a gift to the members of this squad.



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