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Create a Vinted account without a phone number

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Vinted is an online marketplace based in Lithuania for buying, selling and exchanging new or secondhand items, mainly clothing and accessories.

Available on iOS, Android, and desktop browsers, Vinted provides users a platform to sell their clothing and accessories, purchase or swap from other users, and communicate with members using the forums. Since their launch, Vinted has expanded into men’s and children’s clothing. As of 2020, Vinted is available in fifteen countries.

Unlike its competitors that charge insertion and final sale fees, Vinted charges buyers a small “service fee” per purchase. They also charge sellers a fee every time they “Bump” their listings to the top of the catalog. Sellers can also choose, for a fee, to “spotlight” their wardrobe so that their full offerings appear in a horizontal scroll across the feed of certain buyers.

To start Vinted without phone with a virtual number

On the Internet, many sites provide the temporary use of a virtual number for a small fee.

One such resource is Obtaining a number to register with Vinted costs only about 0.69 cents. This service is not just because, but because it has some advantages over similar resources, namely: low price, ease of use, the ability to buy a number to create an account and mail in Google,, Microsoft and many other popular services.

How to buy a virtual number for Vinted registration?

1. In order to start Vinted without phone with a virtual number register on the website

2. Go to the menu and select the item “Payment”. Refill the account with a convenient payment system.

3. Go back to the main menu, select a country that you need and select the “Vinted” service.

4. Buy a virtual number by pressing the “Buy” button. Now you can use it to receive sms when you register.

5. Go to the Vinted site and choose country that you need (I will use United States).

6. Click “Sign up | Log in” button.

7. Click “Or register with Email”.

8. Fill in the required fields and click on the “Sign up” button. Then click “Verify phone number”.

9. Paste phone number from site and click send.

10. To get sms, go back to and click on the tab “Request History” and click “Get sms” opposite the number.

11. In the corresponding field the activation code will appear, copy it and enter it into Vinted.

That’s it, we succeeded in creating account and verified a phone number!

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