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VKontakte became two times faster

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VKontakte – one of the most popular social network. Now it counts more than 200 million users. Such huge amount of users make huge amount of data that should be delivered as fast as possible. Thats why VK transported all their platform on QUIC protocol instead of TCP. This improvement made data transferring 2 times faster. But could it have affection on signing up? Let’s check!

Signing up in VK after update

  1. Let’s go on VK.com. Don’t forget about VPN or proxy. On browser you will see both log in and sign up forms.
  2. Type your name, last name, birthday and gender you want to use in profile. Click “Continue registration”.
  3. Now we see phone number confirmation page. But what can we do if we don’t have suitable phone number? There is one cheap way to get it.

How to get number for VKontakte?

SMS-Man provides you an opportunity to get very good phone numbers for every social network from more than 150 countries! After you sign up here and recharge your account, go on main page and check further guide.

  1. Choose one of countries that VK can accept(I have chosen UK) and find VKontakte/VKConnect in list of services. Click buy.
  2. After buying number will be shown in header of page. Copy that and return to VK.
  3. Fill form with number and click “Next”. You will see page with form of filling code from SMS.
  4. Now return to SMS-Man and click “Get SMS” right to the bought number. Code will be under the number.
  5. Write it in field of code and enjoy your new account!

As we see, update hadn’t made signing up harder. You can use VK fluently with numbers from SMS-Man.


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