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A new Telegram Proxy bot for anonymity in the network

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There is a new telegram bot for buying proxies at a favorable price!

Telegram – messenger, which is popular with a huge number of users.On January 12, 2021, the founder of the application Pavel Durov in his account reported that the audience of active Telegram users has passed the mark of 500 million people:

Сообщение П.Дурова о количестве пользователей Телеграма

Approximately 1.5 million people register on Telegram every day.

Статистика пользователей Телеграма

Telegram is not just a way to communicate with other users, exchange information, and send each other files, but also a wonderful tool that allows you to do many useful tasks.

Through the messenger, you can find out the news, keep up with currencies, translate texts, play games, and much more. All this can be done with the help of telegram bots.

Telegram bots: what are they?

A robot is easy to identify, it always has the word “bot” in its name, and it cannot start a conversation on its own and has no “online” or “offline” status – you will always see the signature “bot”.

Nowadays bots are very popular and help users to do typical routine things automatically, making their life much easier. For the channel owners themselves, bots have become indispensable assistants in their work.

Telegram bots have many obvious advantages:

  • Available 24/7;
  • Instant response to the user;
  • Ease of use, communication on the principle of “question-answer” and text tasks can give even a very inexperienced user of the messenger;
  • You do not need to install additional programs, applications, etc. All communication with the bot is implemented directly through the messenger;
  • Safety of personal data – bots work exclusively on the set commands.
  • Unlimited possibilities-the virtual assistant can send news, tell jokes, remind important information, search for places, book restaurants, order tickets, etc.

Telegram bot that sells proxies

SMS-MAN introduces a new Telegram proxy bot which sells proxies at a favorable price.

The bot can talk to you in three languages:

How to find this bot

You can find our Telegram proxy bot by 2 ways:

  1. Follow a direct link: t.me/Smsman_Proxy_bot
  2. Search for Smsman_Proxy_bot in Telegram messenger.

After you have found the bot in Telegram and clicked “Start”, the bot will greet you and offer to click on the “Create port” button. The bot has only 3 buttons: Get ports, Create a port and Help:

When you click the “Get ports” button, all the proxy ports created in the bot will be displayed. If you logged in to the bot for the first time and clicked the button, it will display the following:

You can also use the “Help” button if you have any problems with the bot, you want to get a discount or just contact us:

How to buy a proxy

Let’s finally start buying a proxy.

1. Click on the “Create port” button:

Click on the button below. You will see a drop-down list that supports country search. This is convenient, the bot will tell you the country itself at the time you enter:

2. After selecting the country, the bot will offer to choose the port type:

3. Next, choose Net type:

4. Choose rotation option:

5. Choose tariff:

6. Choose pay method. Only Qiwi available at the moment:

7. After all the steps are completed, the “Get ports” button is automatically pressed. You will be able to see all the settings of your port, but you will not be able to use port before payment.

Next, you can:

8.1 Buy traffic on created port. Click “Buy traffic” and a link to the payment will be provided.

8.2 You can delete created port from port list. To do this, click “Delete port” button. Bot will inform you about this:

That’s all. You can use the paid port for anonymity and security on the network!

Use the new telegram bot for buying proxies at a favorable price now!

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