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How to check WhatsApp for snooping or set it on someone else


Are you worried that someone is reading or listening to your WhatsApp conversations? How do you check WhatsApp for snooping? Or maybe you want to use WhatsApp to spy on someone else? Let’s find out what your options are.

How to check WhatsApp for snooping on android and iPhone

Good news for those wondering if there is a way to find out about a user’s access to conversations via WhatsApp. You can find out for sure thanks to the WhatsApp web option for your phone – whether someone is following you or not.

Simply go to “Settings” on the messenger and select “WhatsApp Web“.

Button WhatsApp Web

A list of computers with open sessions opens immediately. Here you can also read information about the computer from which data was tracked. You can find out its geographic location, login time, etc.

If WhatsApp tracking is detected, it is recommended to immediately log out of the messenger. Of course, you can’t close one session and leave the rest open (if it’s a computer), but the system allows you to close the session on all the devices that accessed WhatsApp.

If you want to create a new account but don’t have a new phone number, you can use a virtual number. You can get it from any of the many virtual number services. For example, the service Sms-man.Or you can get a number for free in the telegram channel.


Tip. Given that signing in to WhatsApp Web is easy (you just need a QR code scan), the best way to protect yourself from being tracked by WhatsApp is to always end your messenger session before closing the application’s page.

The most effective way to get rid of spying on WhatsApp is to change your mobile phone number, which is linked to the messenger. You don’t have to buy a new sim card to do this. It’s enough to use the “Sms-man” service, where you can buy a virtual number to sign up for WhatsApp for just 25 cents

WhatsApp snooping

The best Whatsapp spy for android and iPhone

Without QR code

This method is only suitable for users who have access to the desired watsap target, as special software must be installed on the phone. How to do it:

  • Download to the phone the application from the site Spy-phone-app.
  • Prepare the “ground”. Enter Settings, Security section and select Unidentified devices. Then in Google settings, deactivate the option Scan device for Security Treats.
  • Launch the application by entering your email address and password when registering.
  • Allow WhatsApp spyware to do anything and click the Exit button. The app icon will disappear, but not the app itself. All you have to do is open the link, which will be sent to your email, and select “WhatsApp”.

Check WhatsApp for snooping with WhatsApp Spy

Programs capable of hacking into other people’s conversations are not uncommon on the messenger WhatsApp. WhatsApp spyware follows the same algorithm – capturing keystrokes, continuously monitoring the communication of the “target” of the surveillance. WhatsApp Spy keylogger is one of the most popular among users.

FlexiSpy (WhatsApp spy)

The Whatsapp spy, complete with the bugging option, has impressive functionality. To use the programme fully, you’ll need to activate someone else’s camera or microphone. FlexiSpy is an advanced version of WhatsApp Spy, compatible with Viber, Facebook Skype. The software provides the user with the following functions:

  • create a personal account on an extraneous resource to read the data received during WhatsApp spying;
  • find out a person’s location;
  • listen to the victim’s phone calls;
  • to intercept the user’s music, photos and videos on messenger
  • View the victim’s browser pages.How to check WhatsApp for snooping or set it on someone else.


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