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Virtual numbers of Czech Republic for receiving sms

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The government of the Czech Republic has created excellent conditions for conducting activities related to entrepreneurship. The partnership conditions are transparent and mutually beneficial. But it is not at all necessary to go to the Czech Republic to do business with its audience. You can use the online service “Sms-man” and buy a virtual Czech number. You don’t have to change your location, and you can keep in touch with partners from this country.

Who can get a virtual Czech number to receive sms

Today every user has such a privilege. SMS activation service “Sms-man” gives the opportunity to buy a number of the Czech Republic to receive sms, and use it to pass the activation in any social network or messenger.

The main advantage of this choice is the pricing policy of the service. A virtual number of Czech Republic, will cost you only 20-25 cents. This will not affect your finances, but will give new opportunities and prospects. Registration on any online resource of the Czech Republic becomes possible in just a few clicks.

For the audience of interest, the Czech Republic virtual number will not differ from the local number. It is still the same phone code of the Czech Republic, nothing will indicate its difference from the real number.

Buy Czech Republic number for receiving sms in virtual format

You can get an unlimited number of numbers for this country. Each of them can be used in a separate resource. You can use the Czech Republic virtual number when you fill out the contact form and share it with your contacts.

Get a virtual number in just a few steps:

  1. Get registered on “Sms-man“. Just fill out the form with your email address and password to enter your personal account;

2. Refill the internal balance of the site in the way that suits you. This can be done through popular electronic payment systems, or via your bank card;Select the country number you need. At the moment it will be the Czech Republic. Apart from the Czech Republic you can choose any of 270 countries of the world;

3. Specify the service in which you need to pass the sms activation. And press the “Buy” button.

4. Use the obtained mobile, virtual number, when registering a new account. You will receive a confirmation code on it, which will be located in the “Request History” section.

This completes the use of the service. You can use unlimited number if you want. It’s enough to repeat the steps of the above instruction, and if necessary, change the country/service parameters.

What gives a virtual number in the Czech Republic

There are many advantages that you get by using a virtual number. Let’s consider the most important of them.


It’s a great way to increase the security of your personal data. Using your personal number on the Internet can lead to undesirable consequences. Use disposable virtual number for receiving sms, and you will be able to stay out of reach of fraudsters.

Location in another country.

In order to use a  virtual number, you can be located in absolutely any country in the world. Your geolocation is not an important condition for its purchase or use.


You can buy Czech number and use it when you register with popular dating services and applications such as Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel and all others. Your anonymity is protected.


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