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SEODOR: One of the best doorway generator

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If you forgot about doorway SEO-instrument, check our guide about them. Now I will go deeper in theme and tell you about SEoDOR.

What is SEoDOR?

SEoDOR 5 is a new round in the direction of the development of doorway generators. This is the first doorway generator that combines elements of the CMS, the domain panel, visitor statistics, and a new approach to page generation.

App has no analogues – complete freedom of action in settings and templates, without limitations! On the one hand, the doorway generator allows you to create real sites for people, and on the other – generate hundreds of doorways!

There is a pending publication, support for categories, subcategories, multi-keywords and much more!


  1. Minimum server load: The caching cron performs work according to the specified flows. You can customize the desired number of threads.
  2. Modularity and custom macros: SEoDOR has support for the extensibility of its functionality through modules and user macros.
  3. Independence of Clients from the Server: The doorway generator (Server) can be run on a localhost instead of VPS, and cached Clients (sites) can be on regular hosting. For Windows, you can use Open Server – here the Сron is set up, which generates news on time: the computer was turned on – the Сron started generating; turned off – Clients work by themselves on the Internet.

Why choose SEoDOR

Unlike competitors, SEoDOR does not have a binding to the limited functionality, which depends on the developer. With the help of SEoDOR you can create websites according to your imagination and discretion.

The very first version was released in 2012 and, of course, the experience gained played a big role in the development of the generator. To date, the 5th version has completely changed for the better – the engine was rewritten from scratch, all the best from the previous versions was implemented in the new one.
The generator received an advanced interface, a much reduced load on the server and a solid foundation for further development.

Choosing SEoDOR you get:

  • free updates during the year (further $30/year);
  • open source;
  • access to the forum;
  • technical support.


SEoDOR is a good app for those, who start in doorway. But if you are professional webmaster, that app may not suit your requirements. But maybe you will make greater success, than Norway SEO.

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