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Doorway: what is it, advices, Q&A

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Doorway traffic is a profitable type of traffic for earning money in affiliate programs. In fact, this is organic traffic from search engines, although it is extracted by automatically generated sites. In this article will be a lot of advices of usage

5 Tips for Doorways in 2021


A lot of questions from affiliates prompted me to write an article that reveals the basic principles of creating doorways, their monetization and answers to frequently asked questions. At the end of the article, you will find an interview from the current doorkeeper.

What is a doorway

Doorway is an automatically generated website optimized for low-frequency and medium-frequency keys for collecting organic traffic from search engines. They usually earn money on doorways due to a large volume of traffic on LF and midrange keys, followed by its redirection to partner programs.

There are two types of doorways: for people and with an instant redirect. In the first option, the user can go to the site and use it. In the second option, users do not see the doorway, since there is an instant redirect. There are black and white methods of promoting doorways.

Creating a doorway is different from creating a classic website, since most of the processes are automated with the help of special tools.

The scheme of the doorway’s life usually looks like this:

1. Creating a doorway and a bay for hosting;
2. Indexing;
3. Organic growth;
4. Monetization of doorway traffic;
5. Ban the doorway in search engines.

Why doorways

Although visually the doorway may look like an ordinary site, it does not benefit visitors. It is designed to occupy high positions in search results and collect traffic. Search engines identify doorways as sites that are not useful to the user = spam and ban.

How doorways look and work. Doorway advices

Doorways can contain both readable (DDL – doorways for people) and non-readable information. A DDL can look like a regular multi-page site. Doorways for redirects are invisible to users and usually this is a canvas with unreadable information. When working with doorways, you can use cloaking, which allows you to divide traffic into two streams, redirecting users to the offer, and bots to the site.

Doorways collect traffic from search results and redirect it to offers. When creating doorways, the emphasis is on maximizing the optimization of the site for better ranking and taking the highest positions in the search results. Depending on the search engines, it is necessary to do certain manipulations in order to get into the top of the search results. For example, links to the main page and anchors of these links are important for Google. The right doorways are able to overtake ordinary sites and collect large amounts of traffic due to low frequency and midrange keys.

How to create a doorway. Doorway advices.

To create doorways, you need to stock up on: keywords, a doorway generator, domains, a template, a server and content.

You can take keywords in the partner program (just write to the support) or parse them yourself. Usually they take low-frequency and midrange queries from the selected topic and expand them as much as possible, and then clean them from irrelevant keys and add negative words.

Next, you need to get the domains. You can use both free and paid options. All this will affect the ranking and the trust.

Types of domains for doorways: (doorway advices)

1. With the help of the freenom service, you can take free domains for a year.
2. When buying fresh earrings, as a rule, they prefer a more trust version, top-level domains (TLD), such as: com., net. or a TLD for the required GEO. You can also use a cheaper version, such as xyz.
3. A Drop Domain is an already registered domain that, for various reasons, was not renewed. This domain already has a trust in search engines and has a history and reference weight. You can read more about the option of working with Drop Domains in the article about the purchase of Drop Domains.

In the case of hosting, free hosting is not suitable, due to low abusability and weak configuration. We recommend finding a more reliable, paid option.

The doorway generator (dorgen) is needed directly for generating doorways. Some dorgens or their plugins may have additional functions, such as content generation. Examples of dorgens: AgDor, PandoraBox, JakoDorgen, Thunder, SEODOR, SED. The most popular dorgen is PandoraBox.