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OTP generator: how to get fake Germany phone number

OTP is a one-time password that usually consists of four to six digits and is only valid for a limited time. Almost all websites and apps ask for your number and send an OTP for verification. And OTP generator allows you to get those codes without using your own phone number.

Why do you need an OTP generator?

OTP generators are useful in different cases. Here are some of the reasons to do so:

  • You don’t want to use your own number
  • Use more social media accounts
  • You don’t want to receive more messages in the future
  • More privacy

How to use Germany phone number for OTP?

In this article I will show you how to get a Germany phone number, using Kakaotalk registration process as example.

First of all, you need to find a valid OTP generator. I will use sms-man.com to get myself a phone number. When you will be on the main page, find Germany in country list, and Kakaotalk in service list. Then, click “Buy” button.

A number will appear on the top of the page.

Turn on VPN on your phone, and set it to German server.

Go to Kakaotalk and create new account. After you accept the terms of use, app will ask you to choose a country and enter your phone number. Use number you got at sms-man.com to proceed.

Click “OK”, and app will ask you to enter a verification code. Go to sms-man.com and click “Get sms” button.

Enter the code you got in Kakaotalk app, and go further.

Enter password, and choose a username. Confirm your email, if you want to, or just skip this step. And after that, you will be ready to go!

By the way, if you want a more detailed guide about Kakaotalk registration process, you can watch our video about it.

And if you want to use another country number – Czech, for example – you can check this article.

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