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Fake Vietnam phone number for SMS


Most sites such as social networks, online stores and others, almost ceased to use verification via Email, and switched to verification via sms on the phone number, and in most cases, confirmation through a code in the sms online and confirmation via Email. That is not very convenient and practical, and not all services save personal information. And it is in such cases, we need sms activation services, including Vietnam phone number.


Features of sms activation services.

The most important part is that the number is disposable. It is a phone that can only be used once, for example to register a fake Facebook account. A user rents a number and receives a text message on it.

SMS activation services have common features:

  • Fully automated
  • Temporary phone number
  • You pay only for received message
  • Wide range of services and countries for sms activations.
  • Convenient API for comfortable work with third-party software

Popular source sms-man offers to buy Vietnam virtual number for registration on any online platform. We will help you easily pass the activation for Momo wallets, as well as for other well-known Vietnamese services.

Thanks to our user-friendly interface you will pass all verification procedures in a few seconds. Using our service, you can create as many accounts as you want on any Turkish platform with minimal costs.

How do I get a Vietnam phone number?

  1. In order to get a phone number you need to go to sms-man.com.
  2. Then go to the registration page and input information about me.
  3. Confirm the registration at the post office
  4. Top up your balance
  5. Go to the main page and choose country in search “Viet Nam”

Buy the number of the service you are interested in, in our case Telegram and click “buy” to get

vietnamese phone number

How to register Telegram Vietnam?

Telegram registration:

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Vietnam phone number for SMS
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