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Truecaller Verification without a Phone Number

Truecaller Verification without a Phone Number

What is Truecaller? It helps you improve your security via software that identifies who’s trying to dial you before picking the phone up. It’s perfect for getting rid of telemarketers, robots, and unwanted phone callers. Notably, the app’s functions work only within its ecosystem.

Since its launch in 2009, it has attracted 350 million customers to register, predominately in Europe, the US, and Asia. They make revenue via advertisements and paid-for subscriptions, which enabled them to add more features. It’s useful, but before creating & verifying a Truecaller account, it’s helpful to know its features and benefits.


What is Truecaller Benefit-wise?

When the user initiates, the app sends a push notification with the caller information to the receiver. You can ban or approve the caller. Both parties should install Truecaller to make it work due to the restrictions of the Android and IOS security protocols. If you can invite your contacts to register, the app is beneficial.

truecallers new app for iphone

It’s complemented by additional features, available for premium Truecaller account owners:

  • Get informed about your profile checkers.
  • Check profiles incognito.
  • No ad banners
  • Special badge.
  • Send up to 30 contact requests a day
  • Advanced blocking capabilities.
  • Call recording.

It allows users to create a database of spammers/fraudsters by suggesting names and marking numbers. Their corporate policy protects customer rights in 150 categories. They run a reachable customer service and a blog. So, the developers worked hard to maintain the security of Truecaller account holders.

Interested? Consider getting on the app via Android/IOS stores, registering & verifying an account here. Notably, they require verification and plenty of extra information to enable access. It may be inconvenient for many audiences. Let’s put everything in place first.

Truecaller Verification & Registration Explained

The app invites new arrivals to get started and suggests one of the supported languages. Press the button, and then set up your default caller ID & spam applications. The registration & verification procedures begin after giving the necessary permissions to the Truecaller app.

What is Truecaller signup & confirmation process like? Give them a number, agree to the TOS. Then, create a profile by submitting your name and email address. To get the ‘Verified’ badge, link your Facebook account. It’s straightforward, but certain users don’t want to share any data with them.

Some need to use Truecaller but don’t want to submit their real phone numbers. Others just want to explore the app’s appearance & features and try to bypass its rules. Sounds weird, considering the app’s nature, but it’s possible to register Truecaller account and use it without a proper phone number.

That includes eSIM cards, spare numbers, and virtual numbers. While we also run an eSIM blog and explore the ways of eSIM usage, we suggest the virtual phone number for the Truecaller signup and confirmation procedure. Here’s an overview of how they work and why they’re useful.

Virtual Phone Number for Truecaller Verification

This is a fresh technology whose operational mechanisms rely on cloud-based software that works separately from any location. A virtual number works exactly like the usual one, but it doesn’t require any documentation, devices, specific programs, or knowledge.

They can be active for long periods; you can link them to various services for activities like Truecaller verification by phone and doing typical activities on the app. They’re legal. Even if they weren’t, there is no way to track them. So, the virtual numbers are relevant for daily calling on the app.

As mentioned, some people just want to explore the app’s functional and user interface. Although it’s not going to be very practical, they also can submit a virtual number to pass the Truecaller verification. But it’s not recommended to specify this number anywhere else.

Both ways of usage appeal to the number rental and purchasing, respectively. Various services offer each option with different prices, conditions, and nuances. SMS-Man is one of these. We can offer you to lease a number for up to 4 months or purchase a single-shot number to receive a verification SMS on it.

virtual phone number for truecaller

In the guide below, we’d like to clarify: what is Truecaller verification with a one-shot number like?

  1. Visit our site, pass the registration procedure.
  2. Add some sum to your balance,
  3. At home, press “buy SMS”.
  4. Select the app (Truecaller) and your country.
  5. Spot the digits in your requests, copy them.
  6. Specify them when asked.
  7. Get back to SMS-Man, request a code.
  8. Tap in to pass Truecaller verification & registration.

These numbers typically cost less than 1 USD apiece. We also offer the numbers to rent. The procedure is different, but also simple and quite straightforward.

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