SMS-Man 1.4.0: Convenience, new features and efficiency
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SMS-Man 1.4.0: Convenience, new features and efficiency


Discover the enhanced features of SMS-Man 1.4.0 for seamless SMS reception. Navigate and select numbers easily with the new country sorting mode. Save time and access the app effortlessly with desktop shortcuts. Enjoy expanded options and flexibility with the increased number limit. Enhance productivity and satisfaction with valuable tips and notifications. Upgrade to SMS-Man 1.4.0 for improved efficiency and satisfaction in your SMS communications.

Introducing the New Country Sorting Mode

In the latest SMS-Man 1.4.0 update, we have introduced a convenient country sorting mode. Simplify your process of selecting the right number to receive SMS messages. Additionally, explore how this feature sorts countries by service, price, and availability of numbers. Consequently, you can choose the most suitable number effortlessly, making the most out of your SMS-Man experience.

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Creating a shortcut on the desktop:

Firstly you can experience the remarkable convenience of the handy feature in SMS-Man 1.4.0, which automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop upon launching the application for the first time. This innovative functionality eliminates the need for time-consuming manual searches through menus, granting you an immediate shortcut to the SMS-Man app. With a focus on ease and efficiency, this remarkable feature enhances your overall user satisfaction, ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly experience at every interaction.

Increased number of numbers you can buy:

Also in SMS-Man 1.4.0, we have raised the number purchasing limit. Now, you can buy up to 20 numbers at a time, providing you with greater flexibility and options for managing your SMS messages. Consequently, you can get more numbers to meet your needs across various projects and tasks, thereby increasing your efficiency. It is important to note the time limitations for number usage and take advantage of this increased capacity.

New tips and notifications:

Nonetheless to elevate your SMS-Man experience, we have introduced an array of new tooltips and notifications in SMS-Man 1.4.0. Delight in the advantages of contextual information and valuable tips, which will aid you in harnessing the full potential of various app features. Stay consistently informed through crucial notifications encompassing new features, updates, and relevant events specifically tailored to enhance your SMS-Man experience. With these informative additions, you can maximize the functionality of SMS-Man to its fullest extent.

Upgrade to SMS-Man 1.4.0 for a Superior SMS Experience

Experience the full potential of SMS-Man with the latest version, 1.4.0. Furthermore unlock new features, increase productivity, and enhance your SMS messaging experience. Furthermore, benefit from the country sorting mode, desktop shortcut creation, expanded number purchasing limit, and helpful tips and notifications. SMS-Man 1.4.0 offers convenience, efficiency, and functionality, making it an indispensable tool for receiving SMS messages.


As a result upgrade to SMS-Man 1.4.0 now and experience an exceptional SMS messaging upgrade. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your productivity and satisfaction with new update. Upgrade today and elevate your SMS messaging experience to new heights.

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