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Tricks to create YouTube account without phone number

create youtube tricks

Nowadays YouTube becomes one of the most popular social networks. People start to dispute here, sending not only videos but more in Community. And question about how to create a YouTube account become more asked out. Let’s answer it.

It is known that you have to sign up for Google to have access to YouTube. But it is fake information. It is enough to have a mailbox anywhere: Hotmail, AOL, or any other network. You can get it by the guide in our blog.

But let’s consider, that we have it already. And it is not Gmail.

Create YouTube without Gmail or Google

As I said, all you need is a working mailbox. Then go through the steps.

  1. Come YouTube.
  2. Choose Switch accounts.
  3. Click Add account.
  4. Create an account for yourself. create-youtube-account
  5. Fill information into forms with your existing mailbox. create your google account
  6. Then go to this mailbox to get a verification code.
  7. Copy that code and insert it in the field on YouTube. verify email
  8. After clicking “Verify” you will have to enter your birthday, gender, and phone number, but it is an optional one for security. Let’s find out how to get a fake US phone number for YouTube. enter your info here

How to get a fake phone number for YouTube?

It is very easy with SMS-Man if you don’t want to put there your own number. On SMS-Man you have just to sign up and charge your balance of $1-2. After let’s buy the number.

  1. Choose a suitable country in the first list.
  2. Find YouTube and click buy.
  3. Copy bought number and paste it like on the upper photo. Screenshot
  4. After proceeding, click Get SMS and get your code to verify your YouTube account. So easy and cheap.

Create a YouTube account without a mailbox

If you don’t have an existing mailbox, it is not a problem. You can sign up Google account for all. How to do that, we explained in one of the previous articles. It is easy and fast with SMS-Man.

How to get access to YouTube from Russia?

Nowadays it is very hard to connect to any website from Russia. But recently we made a good guide for every person who needs to change their IP address, look it there: How to Change the IP Address: on Android, iPhone, and PC
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